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public partial class MainPage : UserControl { public MainPage() { InitializeComponent(); this.Loaded += new RoutedEventHandler(Page_Loaded); } void Page_Loaded(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { } } 5. When the page is loaded, you want to call GetData() from the GridData class and bind that to the DataGrid s ItemsSource property, as follows: public partial class MainPage : UserControl { public MainPage() { InitializeComponent(); this.Loaded += new RoutedEventHandler(Page_Loaded); } void Page_Loaded(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { this.grid.ItemsSource = GridData.GetData(); }
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From Windows Explorer, copy the ListBoxTextWriter.cs file from the LeadGenerator folder to the LeadResponse folder. Because this class relies on static properties, each application will need its own copy. From the Solution Explorer, right-click the LeadResponse project and choose Add Existing Item. Select this file from the LeadResponse folder (make sure that you do not use the file in the LeadGenerator folder). Open the ListBoxTextWriter.cs file and change the Namespace to LeadResponse. From Windows Explorer, move the CreateAssignment.cs file from the LeadGenerator\Activities folder to the LeadResponse folder. Also, move the PersistAssignment.cs class from the LeadGenerator\Extensions to the LeadResponse folder. From the Solution Explorer, right-click the CreateAssignment.cs file in the Activities folder of the LeadGenerator project and choose Delete. Do the same for the PersistAssignment.cs file in the Extensions folder. Right-click the LeadResponse project and choose Add Existing Item. Then select the CreateAssignment.cs and PersistAssignment.cs files from the LeadResponse folder. Open both files and change the namespace from LeadGenerator to LeadResponse. Add the following namespace at the top of each file: using LeadGenerator; The CreateAssignment activity will also need an additional output argument so the Assignment class can be returned. Add the following code after the input arguments are defined: public OutArgument<Assignment> Assignment { get; set; } Then add the following code at the end of the Execute() method: // Store the request in the OutArgument Assignment.Set(context, a); Open the AddLead.xaml.cs class on the LeadGenerator project. At the end of the SetupInstance() method, remove the following code: i.Extensions.Add(new PersistAssignment(_connectionString));
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Your transformation may call for a change in the shape of source XML tree. This is a common scenario when you wish to transform XML into HTML for the purpose of displaying in the browser. This might also be needed while transferring XML data from one software system to another when the other system expects a different XML shape. To demonstrate how functional construction in LINQ to XML makes it easy to accomplish such change in the shape, we will create an application like the one shown in Figure 13-18.
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Carbon Copy Cloner is a popular backup-based directory written by Mike Bombich ( It has a strong group of followers due to the fact that it is a reliable piece of software that performs basic backups with minimal configuration and hassle. It even has the option to backup over a network connection to facilitate offsite backups. The facility that it uses to perform this action utilizes password-less key-based ssh authentication. Unfortunately, there are some inherent insecurities introduced with the model. First and foremost, it creates passwordless authentication to the root user on the remote machine. This means that the host machine unconditionally trusts the backup-client; if the client machine is compromised, so is the server. Carbon Copy Cloner attempts to mitigate this issue by implementing a public key system that only works with a predefined wrapper script. That is, the key can only be used to launch a specific script which is located at /var/root/.ssh/ When a remote connection is established with the pre-shared key, this script is executed. The script has some sanity checks in it to ensure that the only programs allowed to run are scp or /var/root/rsync. If neither of these commands are called, the shell will exit and the remote shell is closed. Theoretically this provides us the protection that we need, only rsync and scp can use the key, ssh isn t included, so a user can t initiate an ssh session, right Well, the problem is apparent when we consider the nature of the applications that are allowed, rsync and scp. Both applications are fully capable of modifying the file system, and there is nothing to prevent them from modifying the wrapper script itself. After all, the remote shell IS granted root access; what s stopping the user from using rsync to copy a new wrapper and replace the existing wrapper that applies the restrictions Well, in truth, nothing. Say that you have several laptops that utilize this function to backup to your server. Any user of these laptops could potentially take over your server if they had the malice or intent to do so. Constructing a basic, no frills, no restrictions ssh key wrapper is pretty easy and can be accomplished with the following script:
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The things you can do to help your search engine rankings are all about the content. The best and most important advice I can give you is to write well. By sticking to your subject and writing relatively short or medium-length articles that stay on topic, written in the language the community uses, you will not only keep your readers interested, but you also will gain ranking for the very keywords your readers will use in their searches. Still you should bear in mind what measures are important to the search engines: Keyword density refers to the ratio of keywords to all text on a page. A high density would indicate the bad practice of keyword stuffing is being employed. Keyword proximity refers to how close keywords are to each other. If they are too close, that would again suggest keyword stuffing is being employed. Keyword prominence refers to how close keywords are to the start of the page, indicating a measure of the keyword s importance. Inbound links are links pointing to the page from an external web site, indicating a measure of the page s popularity. Each search engine has its own recipe for what its administrators believe is the right mixture of the keyword and link measures. However, here are a few simple guidelines that will help you with all search engine ranking algorithms: Write keywords into the <title> tag. Move keywords to the start of the <title> tag.
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Let s code a transaction to both add a customer to and delete one from the Northwind Customers table. Customers has eleven columns, but only two, CustomerID and CompanyName, don t allow nulls, so we ll use just those columns for insertion. We ll also use arbitrary customer IDs to make it easy to find the rows we manipulate when viewing customers sorted by ID.
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Logout from the Apple menu and login as your test Active Directory user account, keeping in mind that many other factors will affect this type of login compared to the command-line tests you have previously performed. If all steps taken previously with id, dscl, and dirt succeed without issue, but you still cannot login then you likely have a home-directory specific problem. When you are logging in, you can use the text immediately below Mac OS X to click through various informational items about the system. One of these will indicate that Network Accounts Available, a useful troubleshooting step to verifying that you can authenticate.
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If you are working from a specification, you might know before you start coding exactly what text will be used by the app. This is the best situation to be in: you can define all your strings even before you start writing code, inserting the keys in the app as you write it. If you don t know the text up front, create a blank resource bundle at the start of your project. As you write your app, create keys for any user-visible text you create. Provide a default translation in your native language; don t worry about other languages for now. Once the app is done, you can pass off the keys to a translator to get the necessary translations. More likely, your app will initially be released with only your native language supported, but, once you have demand from other countries or languages, you ll be able to meet their needs almost instantly. In practice, most programs (including MediaGrabber) start off with hard-coded String literals. Towards the end of the project, or even after release, someone will go through the source code to find all visible text and convert it to using resource bundles. This approach requires the greatest total effort, but it does mean that the initial stages of the project can be more legible than they would be with resource keys. While designing the visual look of your app, keep localization needs in mind. The length of text will probably change drastically depending on the language used; going from English to German will greatly increase the text length, while going from English to Japanese may shrink it. As such, text might flow to multiple lines or be cut off. Design your UI flexibly so you can accommodate these changes. Avoid including text within your images: for example, don t include the word Stop in a stop-sign graphic. Doing this would force you to create a new image for every language, which takes up much more space than creating new text. Instead, consider creating blank versions of your images, and then drawing text on top of the images at run-time. Even better, pick images that are self-explanatory, or place labels outside the image. Try to be culturally sensitive. Images, sounds, and phrases that are innocent or funny in one culture might be very offensive in another. Avoid using casual speech, idiomatic phrases, and dialect. This doesn t mean that your app shouldn t have personality, but, if your app uses language too narrowly, it won t make a good impression on foreign users.
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NFS enabled for any share point, then you re stuck running the NFS daemon; if not, the daemon will not start. If you don t have an export on any share points, then you can t run it, so in order to stop the NFS daemon, verify that no shares are using NFS. Workgroup Manager settings give the administrator per-export (share point) configuration capability. This is where each export would be secured independently, which is very different from securing AFP shares, for example. When you set up an export, you will have the option to export the directory listing to Client (certain IPs), World (everyone), or Subnet (all IPs in the specified subnet), which can be seen in Figure 16 28. These options are included to mitigate the risks associated with running NFS (such as man-in-the-middle attacks). Once you have chosen who can access this data, you can determine how to handle data access. Each export has the ability to map the root user to nobody (the root user receives permission as guest), map all users to nobody (all users act as the guest permission set), and can be set to read-only (useful for backups or remote sync operations) as well as for mounted shares such as /Network/Applications or /Network/Library, directories where clients should never need access to write to them.
Figure 5 3. Project Folder property 4. In side of [your project folder]\bin\release you will find Notepad.xap which you will be using in next section to submit to the Windows Phone Marketplace.
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