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Building Documents
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IChannel Interface
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Defining XML
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CHAPTER 2: Directory Services Clients
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Plaintext Letter
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This should provide a listing similar to the following, though perhaps in a different order:
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> ls Active Directory BSD Local Search Contact
Life Cycle Events in URLLoader and HTTPService
CHAPTER 6: Personal Information
We have reached the last step in setting up our report now. All we need to do is pass the TransferID as dynamic data to subreport1. If you recall, this information will be used by the table item inside the rptTransferDetails to filter the reported data. To set up passing of dynamic values to a parameter, use the following steps (see Figure 4-53): 1. Select subreport1, right-click, and access the Properties dialog box. 2. From the Parameters tab, set Parameter Name to partTransferID and Parameter Value to Fields!TransferID.Value. 3. Click the OK button to complete the process.
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SQL Server authentication
Combines two expressions, evaluating the complete expression as true only if both are true Negates a Boolean value Combines two expressions, evaluating the complete expression as true if either is true
Figure 1-2. Making a user an administrator
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