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package org.jboss.ejb3.examples.employeeregistry.ch12.inheritance.tableperclass; import javax.persistence.Entity; /** * Employee * * @author <a href="mailto:andrew.rubinger@jboss.org">ALR</a> * @version $Revision: $
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Numeric Types
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Web frameworks: WebWork, Struts, and Tapestry
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classname classpath classpathref failonerror file lenient warn <classpath> <dtd> <fileset> <xmlcatalog> Specify the class name of the SAX parser to be used. [String] Specify the classpath to be searched to load the parser (optional). [Path] Where to find the parser class; optional. [Reference] Specify how parser errors are to be handled; optional, default is true. [Boolean] Specify the file to be checked; optional. [File] Specify whether the parser should be validating. [Boolean] Specify how parser error are to be handled. [Boolean] No description. [Path] Creates a DTD location record; optional. Specifies a set of files to be checked. [Fileset] Adds an XMLCatalog as a nested element; optional. [XMLCatalog]
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After this book, your main resource for learning more about the iPhone should be the references at developer.apple.com. To help you find documents that might interest you, this appendix lists the major classes in the UIKit and Foundation hierarchies that you might want to know more about, excluding classes that only appear as a part of another class.
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If you have used EJB 2, you might be familiar with the container-managed relationship (CMR) feature of entity beans with bidirectional relationships. This feature monitored changes on either side of the relationship and updated the other side automatically. CMR is not supported in this version because entities can possibly be used outside of containers. However, mimicking this feature is not too hard using a few extra lines of code. Let us take the User-BillingInfo one-to-one relationship, for example. The code for changing the BillingInfo object for a User and making sure both sides of the relationship are still accurate would look like this:
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// Perform transacted tasks. userTransaction.commit();
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Supported query expression eq gt ge lt le ne and not or
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<persistence> <persistence-unit name = "actionBazaar"> ... </persistence-unit> <persistence-unit name = "humanResources"> ... </persistence-unit> </persistence>
Advanced mapping concepts
Displays the event day
Method Description Called when the player finishes playing. This method is passed a reference to the player and a Boolean value that s YES if it was successful. Called when an error occurs during audio playback.
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{ theInt = theInt * 3; theFloat = theFloat * 3; Add(ref theInt, ref theFloat); } public static void Add(ref int theInt, ref float theFloat) { theInt = theInt - theInt; theFloat = theFloat - theFloat; } static void Main( ) { Tester t = new Tester( ); t.Run( ); } } }
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