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<%Html.RenderPartial(Constants.Partials.VISITORS, ViewData[Constants.ViewData.VISITORS]); %>
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13.5.1 Drawing gradients
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public aspect HomeSecurityAspect { before() : call(void Home.exit()) { System.out.println("Engaging"); } after() : call(void Home.enter()) { System.out.println("Disengaging"); } }
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package Picture::List; use strict; use CGI qw(-no_debug); sub new { my $proto = my %attrs = my $class = my $self = bless $self }
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@PersistenceContext(type=PersistenceContextType.EXTENDED) EntityManager entityManager;
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I Close resources
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Because this is the first time you ve run the program, the IDE will detect that your web.config file is not set to allow debugging and will offer to make that adjustment for you, as shown in Figure 1-7.
' ----- This works just fine. customer1 = customer2 ' ----- This will not compile. customer3 = customer1
OpenGL summary
Listing 14.10
List<String> providers = locationManager.getAllProviders(); List<String> enabledProviders = locationManager.getAllProviders(true); locationProvider = locationManager.getProviders(true).get(0); locationProvider = locationManager.getBestProvider( myCriteria, true);
import org.apache.log4j.*; import org.aspectj.lang.*; public aspect TraceAspectV3 { Logger _logger = Logger.getLogger("trace"); TraceAspectV3() { _logger.setLevel(Level.ALL); } pointcut traceMethods() : (execution(* *.*(..)) || execution(*.new(..))) && !within(TraceAspectV3); before() : traceMethods() { if (_logger.isEnabledFor(Level.INFO)) { Signature sig = thisJoinPointStaticPart.getSignature(); _logger.log(Level.INFO, "Entering [" + sig.getDeclaringType().getName() + "." + sig.getName() + "]"); } } }
Selenium RC performing the test in Firefox
Listing 4.8 JAXM web service servlet
So much for the theory. Ajax is already being used to create real applications, and the benefit of the Ajax approach can already be seen. It s still very much early days the bicycles of a few far-sighted individuals have pedals and solid rubber tires, and some are starting to build disc brakes and gearboxes, so to speak. The following section surveys the current state of the art and then looks in detail at one of the prominent early adopters to see where the payoff in using Ajax lies.
javax.persistence.Query This is the equivalent to a Hibernate Query. An object is a particular JPA query language or native SQL query representation, and it allows safe binding of parameters and provides various methods for the execution of the query. javax.persistence.EntityTransaction This is the equivalent to a Hibernate Transaction, used in Java SE environments for the demarcation of RESOURCE_LOCAL transactions. In Java EE, you rely on the standardized javax.transaction.UserTransaction interface of JTA for programmatic transaction demarcation.
One of the authors once worked in an environment where each developer was responsible for a different executable in a 15-year-old C++ application. Each executable was built locally and then copied to a shared folder on the network where QA picked it up and tested it. Problems arose because each developer used a different version of thirdparty components, and each developer used different compiler switches. This meant that if one developer was on vacation, and a bug in their code needed to be fixed, it was difficult to reproduce their development environment on another developer s workstation. It was so troublesome that management finally decided that unless the customer was down due to the bug, the fix would wait for the responsible programmer to get back to the office. If CI had been in place, many of the issues with the software wouldn t have happened. Here are several reasons to use CI in your development process:
Introducing JBoss Seam
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