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So the Entity Framework allows us to control the mapping. We can define a conceptual model that describes the entities as we d like to work with them from C#, along with mappings that describe how that model maps onto the underlying storage. The EF also requires us to provide a store schema, which is a definition of the structure we expect it to find in the database. This may seem redundant after all, the database knows its own schema, so why would the EF need a copy There are a couple of reasons. First, it s possible to define the model before you create the database you can generate a database schema from the store schema. Second, you can configure aspects of how the Entity Framework uses the database, such as whether it uses queries or stored procedures to access particular tables. Settings that are associated with the database itself rather than what the EF does with data belong in the store schema rather than the mappings or conceptual schema. The three parts shown in Figure 14-1 the conceptual model, the storage model, and the mappings between them are collectively known as the Entity Data Model, or EDM.
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If you were hoping for something more definitive than a good chance, you re out of luck. The mere fact that two systems have both opted to use the same set of standards is no guarantee that they ll be able to communicate successfully, even if both ends conform strictly to the standards. If this information is news to you, welcome to the world of systems integration!
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About UML
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< xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" >
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Listing 21.9 The original LogOff action
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Many-to-One Unidirectional Relationship
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Declares Visual Studio project with default target
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on your code. There s a lot more to learn about Windows programming than we can cover in this chapter, and we hope that if you re interested, you ll seek out other sources to learn more, and of course, experiment on your own. The Windows Forms system has been around for a while, though. The newest version of the Windows programming framework is the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), which ships with Windows Vista and is also available for Windows XP SP2 and Windows Server 2003. Although you can be sure that Windows Forms will be available for a long while yet, the next chapter will bring you up-to-date with the latest in Windows presentation.
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Criteria criteria = session.createCriteria(Item.class) .setFlushMode(FlushMode.COMMIT); Query q = em.createQuery(queryString) .setFlushMode(FlushModeType.COMMIT);
After a rather long introduction, it s time to look at the source code for the field service application. The approach is to follow the application flow, step by step. Let s start with the splash screen. In this portion of the chapter, we work through each of the application s source files, starting with the splash screen and moving on to each subsequent Activity of the application.
6.1.2 Using mapping types
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"Tiers 4-N"
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