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It s worth repeating: starting with JavaFX 1.2, create() is called before init and postinit; don t get caught! Give all key variables default values as part of their definition. Do not initialize them in the init block. A quick tip: remember that object variables are initialized in the order in which they are specified in the source file, so if you ever need to preload private variables, make sure any public variables they depend on are initialized first.
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/** * @return the peons */ public Collection<Employee> getPeons() { return peons; } /** * @param peons the peons to set */ public void setPeons(final Collection<Employee> peons) { this.peons = peons; } /** * @return the teams */ public Collection<Team> getTeams() { return teams; } /** * @param teams the teams to set */ public void setTeams(final Collection<Team> teams) { this.teams = teams; } /** * @return the phones */ public Collection<Phone> getPhones() { return phones; } /** * @param phones the phones to set */ public void setPhones(final Collection<Phone> phones) { this.phones = phones; } //--------------------------------------------------------------------------|| // Overridden Implementations ----------------------------------------------|| //--------------------------------------------------------------------------|| /* (non-Javadoc) * @see java.lang.Object#toString()
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Listing 1.10 strings.xml
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You can similarly set footers and otherwise manipulate sections according to the protocol reference. There s still more to the table view controller. Not only do you have to work with data when you re setting it up, but you also have to do so when it s in active use, which usually occurs when the user selects individual cells.
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In the following sections, we show you some of the advantages of JPA and the new EJB 3.0 standard, and how annotations and the standardized programming interfaces can simplify application development, even when compared with Hibernate. Obviously, designing and linking to standardized interfaces is an advantage if you ever need to port or deploy an application on a different runtime environment. Besides portability, though, there are many good reasons to give JPA a closer look. We ll now guide you through another Hello World example, this time with Hibernate Annotations and Hibernate EntityManager. You ll reuse the basic project infrastructure introduced in the previous section so you can see where JPA differs from Hibernate. After working with annotations and the JPA interfaces, we ll show how an application integrates and interacts with other managed components EJBs. We ll discuss many more application design examples later in the book; however, this first glimpse will let you decide on a particular approach as soon as possible.
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The first three portals listed in table 10.1 are based upon extremely large and successful search engines MSN Search, Google, and Yahoo! One of the reasons that linking portals with search engines is such a successful formula is because people most often open a browser to perform a search. These large search companies know that by tempting us with personalization and other portal features such as a wide array of web parts, they can entice us to set their portal page as our home page and therefore boost the usage of their search engines. At this level of portals it s like a game of follow-theleader, because no sooner does one player offer a new feature than it appears in each of the others. Over the past couple of years, this race to have the coolest features has provided fertile ground from which to grow the current, standard set of portal features. This standard set of portal features covers the features that were included as standard items in the ASP.NET portal framework including personalization, zones, connections and, of course, web parts. The remaining two portals on the list and are portals that offer us a glimpse into the next generation of portals because of the new types of features they provide. The most outstanding of these features and the ones we ll focus on for the remainder of the chapter are developer extensibility and client-side Ajax behavior.
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If you need to run your application in both HTTP and HTTPS, define two InputEndpoint tags:
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Table 13.2 PDF object String Overview of the basic PDF objects (continued) iText object Description String objects can be written in two ways:
disabling methods 235 entity beans 239 LDAP 241 local interfaces 240 MDB 242 message-driven beans 204 passing credentials to the EJB container 234 roles 238 security roles 232 for an EJB 238 generating XML 45 SecurityException 171 <security-identity> 238 239 <security-role> 232 233 <security-role-ref> 233 SELECT 114 select methods 67, 122 generating 67 selector 221 send 201 sendEmail 144 145, 224 144 sending a JMS message from an EJB 147 sending a point-to-point JMS message 200 sending a publish/subscribe JMS message 198 sending an email from an EJB 144 sending an email message asynchronously 223 sending notifications upon entity data changes 117 SequenceBean 89 CMP 90 serializable 18 EJB handles 18 service classes 157, 209 serviceMethod 151 servlets as EJB clients 8 calling local EJB 8 calling remote EJB 10 initialization parameters 11 refreshing log4j 263 ServletTestCase 287, 290, 292 session beans facade 5 generating interfaces 38
11.6.1 Creating a context class
<attribute name="JndiName"> java:/hibernate/HibernateFactory </attribute> <attribute name="Datasource"> java:/comp/env/jdbc/AuctionDB </attribute> <attribute name="Dialect"> net.sf.hibernate.dialect.PostgreSQLDialect </attribute> <attribute name="TransactionStrategy"> net.sf.hibernate.transaction.JTATransactionFactory </attribute> <attribute name="TransactionManagerLookupStrategy"> net.sf.hibernate.transaction.JBossTransactionManagerLookup </attribute> <attribute name="UserTransactionName"> java:/UserTransaction </attribute> </mbean> </server>
but the Plane class only has the method shown in Example 3-34, the compiler actually generates code equivalent to this:
Long storedItemId = item1.getId(); ItemPojo loadedItemPojo = (ItemPojo) session.load("ItemEntity", storedItemId); List queriedItemPojos = session.createQuery("from ItemEntity where initialPrice >= :p") .setParameter("p", new BigDecimal(100)) .list();
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The concept of a Dock does not exist in Windows Vista itself, but there are third-party applications that mimic it.*
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