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Figure A.6 The Mozilla Venkman debugger allows inspection of local variables in functions higher up the call stack than the current point of execution.
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Figure 16.1 This preferences page was built from scratch on the back of a flipside controller.
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20.5.3 Building a sample RSS reader: an XML example
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5: Branching
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Create a message-driven bean to receive JMS messages in order to start business logic methods. For example, the EJB class in listing 1.9 defines a message-driven EJB. Notice that it extends a specific EJB interface, and also implements the JMS MessageListener interface.
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(width) (style) (style) (miterLimit) (phase) (unitsOn, phase) (unitsOn, unitsOff, phase) (array, phase) (flatness)
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Listing 11.7 PortalWindow.java
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Another way to create a Document in landscape orientation is to create a Rectangle object with a width that is greater than its height.
Copying pages from existing PDF documents
XFA form movies[0].movie[0].imdb[0] movies[0].movie[0].duration[0] movies[0].movie[0].title[0] movies[0].movie[0].original[0] movies[0].movie[0].year[0]
<hibernate-configuration> <session-factory> <property name="hibernate.connection.driver_class"> org.hsqldb.jdbcDriver </property> <property name="hibernate.connection.url"> jdbc:hsqldb:hsql://localhost </property> <property name="hibernate.connection.username"> sa </property> <property name="hibernate.dialect"> org.hibernate.dialect.HSQLDialect </property> <mapping resource="hello/Message.hbm.xml" /> </session-factory> </hibernate-configuration>
The most popular language for querying and manipulating databases is Structured Query Language (SQL), usually pronounced sequel. SQL is a declarative language, as opposed to a procedural language, and it can take awhile to get used to working with a declarative language when you are used to languages such as C#. The heart of SQL is the query. A query is a statement that returns a set of records from the database. The queries in Transact-SQL (the version used by SQL Server) are very similar to the queries used in LINQ (as you ll see in the next chapter), though the actual syntax is slightly different. For example, you might like to see all the CompanyNames and CustomerIDs of every record in the Customers table in which the customer s address is in London. To do so, you d write this query:
Figure 10.2 A web page with an auto-complete text box, built with an ASP.NET TextBox and the auto-complete extender
Adds prototypes to the list and requests clones
package hello; import java.util.*; import javax.persistence.*; public class HelloWorld { public static void main(String[] args) { // Start EntityManagerFactory EntityManagerFactory emf = Persistence.createEntityManagerFactory("helloworld"); // First unit of work EntityManager em = emf.createEntityManager(); EntityTransaction tx = em.getTransaction(); tx.begin(); Message message = new Message("Hello World"); em.persist(message); tx.commit(); em.close(); // Second unit of work EntityManager newEm = emf.createEntityManager(); EntityTransaction newTx = newEm.getTransaction(); newTx.begin(); List messages = newEm .createQuery("select m from Message m order by m.text asc") .getResultList();
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