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Observe that you re using the TextField convenience class once again. This is an iText design decision, based on the fact that drawing the appearance of a list or combo box isn t all that different from drawing the appearance of a text box. Instead of using getTextField() to obtain a PdfFormField instance, you now have to use the methods getListField() or getComboField(). You can use the same methods to set properties as you used for the text field widgets. The values that are shown to the end user are set with the method setChoices(). In listing 8.12, the LANGUAGES array consists of five languages. In B and D, you use setExportValues(), passing the EXPORTVALUES array. That array looks like this:
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Employing AspectJ in development phases
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Hello "world"
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int Status { get; set; }
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If you don t pay attention, Hibernate Search might trigger some n+1 load problems while indexing your data. Listing 9.2 is an example of the query needed to load Item objects provided that their Distributor association is marked as @IndexedEmbedded.
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Action selectors in ASP.NET MVC
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The sequence of steps required by a message producer to engage in a request/ reply conversation can be executed in one fell swoop using the javax.jms.TopicRequestor or javax.jms.QueueRequestor utility classes. These classes define a request() method that encapsulates the lock-step process of sending a request message and blocking until a reply message is received. If not executed in a separate thread, invoking the blocking request() method from a message producer will block the calling thread until a reply has been received. This risk alone may warrant a move from convenience to safety by using a variant of the receive() method directly. In general, asynchronous messaging is utilized best for a fire-and-forget style of communication. When a request/reply conversation is needed, the power of asynchronous communication is diminished, and the scales start to tip back in favor of RPC communication. Therefore, before using JMS, carefully consider if your system has the potential to benefit from asynchronous messaging. Indeed, asynchronous communication should sometimes be eschewed in favor of synchronous communication. If specific use cases require an immediate reply in response to a request, consider using synchronous protocols such as Java RMI or SOAP. Although JMS may afford better reliability through guaranteed message delivery, it may also be overkill for the task at hand. Remember that it s just another tool whose value is derived from the circumstances in which you use it. Speaking of new tools, we ve now learned enough about JMS to start cracking message-driven beans. It s been a long journey to this point, but you won t want to miss what s around the next corner.
This query assigns the alias i to the entity Item and the alias b to the joined Items bids. You then use both aliases to express restriction criteria in the WHERE clause. The resulting SQL is:
Extending Controls with the Control Toolkit
11.2.2 Avoiding XSS vulnerabilities
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