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17.3.8 Putting it all together
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We ll look first at the Scorer class and its responsibilities in the scoring calculation.
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Listing 10.3 The @property directive
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iBATIS s caching philosophy
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demanding enterprise applications. Before we dive into such architectural concerns, let s discuss a couple of concepts that will help you understand the basic aspects of EJB clustering:
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class MostRecentlyUsed { private List<string> items = new List<string>(); private int maxItems; public MostRecentlyUsed(int maximumItemCount) { maxItems = maximumItemCount; } public void UseItem(string item) { // If the item was already in the list, and isn't the first // item, remove it from its current position, since we're // about to make it this first item. int itemIndex = items.IndexOf(item); if (itemIndex > 0) { items.RemoveAt(itemIndex); } // If the item's already the first, we don't need to do anything. if (itemIndex != 0) {
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q Decreases sleep interval
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login: function(userName, password) { this.userName = userName; this.password = password; if ( this.options.messageSpanId ) document.getElementById( this.options.messageSpanId).innerHTML = "Verifying Credentials"; this.issuePortalCommand( Portal.LOGIN_ACTION, "user=" + this.userName, "pass=" + this.password ); },
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This appendix contains example module code that was referred to, but not covered, in chapter 10.
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Modifying objects efficiently
Analyzing the code
There is a special syntax when defining your own custom value types as nullable, but since it uses the generics Visual Basic feature, I ll wait to introduce it until 16.
Our revised client code looks just the same, except that we look up a session bean, not an entity bean, in JNDI. The bean code is a bit more complex in this situation because we must introduce a session bean and a Person data transfer class in addition to the Person entity bean. Figure 7.3 shows the impact of our improvements. Ironically, we ve added a layer, but we ve improved the performance significantly. The Session Fa ade consolidates 5n + 1 round-trips to a single round-trip. In practice, a fa ade can make an even more dramatic impact than we ve shown, because a single fa ade can also package composite objects, such as a person, an address, and other necessary items for an invoice.
node.className='cursor'; node.style.position='absolute'; node.style.left=(4+parseInt(Math.random()*492))+"px"; node.style.top=(4+parseInt(Math.random()*492))+"px"; container.appendChild(node); } outermost.appendChild(container); watch.stop(); } function go(isFast){ var count=parseInt(document.getElementById("count").value); if (count==NaN){ alert("please enter a valid number"); }else if (isFast){ fastNodes(count); }else{ slowNodes(count); } } </script> </head> <body> <div> <a href='javascript:stopwatch.report("profiler")'>profile</a>  <input id='count' value='640'/>  <a href='javascript:go(true)'>fast loop</a>  <a href='javascript:go(false)'>slow loop</a> </div> <div id='top'> <div class='mousemat' id='mousemat'></div> <div class='profiler objViewBorder' id='profiler'></div> </div> </body> </html>
Context context = new InitialContext(); UserTransaction userTransaction = (UserTransaction) context.lookup("java:comp/UserTransaction"); userTransaction.begin(); // Perform transacted tasks. userTransaction.commit();
Pets come in several shapes and sizes. Here we define two: a cat and a dog. They differ in the attitude that they take toward being owned, with a cat paying no attention to whom it is owned by, whereas a dog will attach itself to a given owner for life. (I apologize to the animal world for gross generalization at this point!) So our definition of the pet cat might look like this:
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