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Suppose you receive a contract from person X who works at company Y. The contract is signed with a valid digital signature, corresponding to the e-mail address You can safely assume that the document is genuine, unless ... person X was fired, but he still owns a copy of the private key of company Y. Such a contract probably
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ness for performance. This is what we re asking them to do. Lucene, which is essentially an index technology, follows this rule. Hibernate Search works around this problem by denormalizing associations. Since a Lucene query takes only a single document into consideration to evaluate its relevance and has no notion of a document join or association, contrary to the object and relational models, Hibernate Search indexes the object graph into a single document. In figure 4.3, you can see that when the item entity is indexed, its associated director and actors are indexed in the same document. Each of the association s entity properties is indexed in the association s namespace. In our example, the director s name is indexed in, which is exactly how we d express a navigation to the director s name of a given item in an expression language or in HQL.
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NoClassDefFoundException is thrown when code tries to instantiate an
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So that s our Map class. There are three simple custom nodes we need to look at before we pull everything together into our main application. So let s deal with them quickly.
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538 | Appendix E: Message-Driven EJB: Status Update Listeners Example
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public enum CascadeType { ALL, PERSIST, MERGE, REMOVE, REFRESH } 2003 sample code barcode code 39
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Pool.TimeToWait This represents the number of milliseconds to wait for a
invokes state.Handle( )
The PersonalizationEntry is cast to the correct data type during loading.
Antipattern: Build Guru
The name() attribute defines the name of the @TableGenerator and is the name referenced in the @Id.generator() attribute. The table(), catalog(), and schema() attributes describe the table definition of the generator table. The pkColumnName() attribute is the name of the column that identifies the specific entity primary key you are generating for. The valueColumnName() attribute specifies the name of the column that will hold the counter for the generated primary key. pkColumnValue() is the value used to match up with the primary key you are generating for. The allocationSize() attribute is how much the counter will be incremented when the persistence provider queries the table for a new value. This allows the provider to cache blocks so that it doesn t have to go to the database every time it needs a new ID. If you are autogenerating this table, then you can also define some constraints using the uniqueConstraints() attribute. Let s look at how you would actually use this generator on the Employee entity:
@PostConstruct public void initialize() { ... jmsConnection = connectionFactory.createConnection(); ... } @PreDestroy public void cleanup() { ... jmsConnection.close(); ... }
The phone_numbers table holds a foreign key back to the speakers table. It also has a column, phone_index, that holds the order of the
Be careful when you type in this command. The third parameter, source-deployment, is different from what you would expect. Because the second parameter is productionslot, you would expect the third to be staging-slot. The naming isn t terribly consistent. Another mystery is why you need to define the slot names at all. You can have only one slot of each anyway. Go figure. Figure 18.12 shows the successful completion of the VIP swap. Now that you ve swapped out to production and have fully tested the slot, you can tear down the staging slot.
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