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Bag of entities, many-to-many (unidirectional or bidirectional) Bag of entities, one-to-many, bidirectional Bag of simple values Bag of components
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The aspect DetectSwingSingleThreadRuleViolationAspect defines a pointcut uiMethodCalls() and advises it to check whether the caller thread of the captured join points is the event-dispatching thread. Let s examine the aspect in more detail: The pointcut viewMethodCalls(), which captures the method invocations on a view object, is defined as a call to any method of JComponent or its subclasses. The pointcut modelMethodCalls(), which captures operations on a model, is defined as a call to any method of any class with a name ending in Model or its subclasses. We also capture the call to javax.swing.text.Document or its subclass, since our property-based pointcut that requires the name to end in Model would not capture its methods. By the way, notice the importance of following a consistent naming convention; if you name all your models ending in Model, then capturing join points based on name becomes easy. The pointcut uiMethodCalls() combines the viewMethodCalls() and modelMethodCalls() pointcuts to capture all the method calls that are involved in Swing s threadsafety rule. We could have defined the uiMethodCalls() to directly capture all the required methods calls, but the refactoring helps improve the overall understanding.
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All .NET components contain metadata. Some of this is essential information about the structure of our code the metadata includes the list of types, their names, the members they define, the arguments accepted by the methods, and so on. But the metadata system is also extensible attributes can be embedded alongside the core metadata, and these can then be discovered at runtime. Finally, we saw that some metadata features can make use of the items they represent we can use method information to invoke a method we discovered dynamically, for example.
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Haack, Phil 355 Haacked 355 hackable URLs 231 hackers 159 handlers 279 280 happy path 53 Hawley, Matt 114 health monitoring 95, 108 Helicon Tech 91 hibernate.cfg.xml 329 330, 333, 335, 344 HiddenFor 39 Hijax 174, 178, 187 HomeController 8 9 host application 320 321 hosted 78 hosting 78 79 HTML 31, 35, 37 41, 47 rendering 66 want more control over 99 HTML DOM 168 HTML encode 158 159, 166 html extension 228 HTML generators 295, 300 HTML helper 66, 162 163
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If you don t provide any extra spacing, it s hard to distinguish the different tables. This can be an advantage! You can create a structure that looks as if it s one big table by adding a series of smaller, separate tables that are glued to each other.
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Following is a full listing of all source code used in this runnable example. 2010 string encodecode128
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Deciding which method to implement for nested elements We strongly recommend that you use the addXXX or addConfiguredXXX methods for nested task elements. The primary reason for preferring this method over createXXX is to allow polymorphism of types. For example, a custom extension to FileSet could be used by refid on tasks that use the add-prefixed methods accepting a FileSet. The addConfigured-prefixed method is useful if your task needs a fully populated object immediately, rather than waiting for the execute method, but in practice it is rarely needed. Use the create-prefixed method in situations where your task needs to construct the object itself, perhaps because it does not have a no-argument constructor, or because additional steps are needed beyond what the add-prefixed methods provide. 19.3.3 Supporting datatypes As far as a task implementation goes, there is no difference between tasks that support nested datatypes and nested custom classes. Ant s introspection mechanism handles them both identically, with the added benefit that datatypes support reusability using
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<h2> <span>Time on Web Server: </span> <asp:Label ID="DateTime" runat="server"></asp:Label> </h2> <script type="text/xml-script"> <page xmlns:script=""> <components>
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import javafx.scene.paint.Color; import javafx.scene.shape.Rectangle; import javafx.stage.Stage; import java.lang.System; def sourceCols = [ "#ff3333","#ffff33","#33ff33", "#33ffff","#3333ff","#ff33ff" ]; def colorShifts = for(i in [0..<6]) { ColorShifter { sourceColors: sourceCols; duration: 3s; offset: i; }; }
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</javac> </target>
Applications and Data
The first one injects projected properties into the setter of the same name (or the field of the same name). The second one injects projected properties through a specific constructor. See listing 6.19.
Each pixel in the image will be replaced by its complementary color, changing an image to its negative. The filter will only apply to grayscale pixels if the argument has a true value.
Exposing Large Numbers of Events
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