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In this section, you ll build a new product-management web page to manage the Hawaiian shirt product list stored in the Table service. Through this web page, you ll be able to create, read, update, and delete (also known as CRUD) data in the table. Figure 11.7 shows what the web page will look like.
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Server-side source code (continued) Description Used to save updates to a job Contains various routines for interacting with the database
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Figure 16.17 search term
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This might be a bug in ImageMagick, and is possibly going to be fixed in a future release.
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14.3 Other event functionality
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Part 2 Manipulating existing PDF documents
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This is where all the real work is carried out. This subroutine accepts an Image::Magick object and the coordinates of the pixel which is at the center of the window. It then iterates over all the elements of the kernel, calculating the appropriate x and y CONVOLUTION 221
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property value The name of the property to set. [String] The value for the property to set, if condition evaluates to true. [String]
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Automatic get properties are created for the listed members, so we can access the value of group.Name. There is no set property. cf. C# Language Specification Version 3.0, September 2007, Section
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The properties of a ContentProvider can configure several important settings beyond the basics, such as specific permissions, initialization order, multiprocess capability, and more. Though most ContentProvider implementations won t need to delve into these details, you should still keep them in mind. For complete and upto-date ContentProvider properties, see the SDK documentation.
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var seq1 = [1..3] on replace oldVal[lo..hi] = newVal { println( "Changing [{lo}..{hi}] from "+ "{oldVal.toString()} to "+ "{newVal.toString()}" ); };
While using path expressions, keep in mind that you cannot navigate through the collection-value path expressions to access a persistence or association field as in the following example:
department s queue will be burdened with managing the document in memory until it s been processed. The situation turns particularly sour if a copy of this fat message is broadcast to multiple consumers. Every network path from the producer to each consumer will have to swallow the fat message like an egg-eating snake. In the end, not all consumers may want the message after it s delivered. References can come in handy in these situations because they significantly decrease the size of the message. If all message consumers have access to a shared resource, such as a database or a file system, consider trimming down messages to contain references to shared data. As an alternative to transporting an entire document, for example, the message representing the document could simply contain the name of a shared file. When a consumer receives the message, it can process the referenced document at its leisure by reading the document from the file system. Figure 6.2 illustrates the use of references to reduce the size of messages. It s never too early to start putting messages on a weight loss program, but don t go overboard. MOM products have matured significantly over the years. Some vendors have had time to optimize their products for sending large messages over different networks. Before making any assumptions, write a few tests to measure performance. A message that may be perceived as being too large actually might transmit much faster than you think. And, if a fat message is sent infrequently, it may not be a problem. Prematurely hacking away at the message size can lead to another common problem skinny messages.
Sys.WebForms.PageRequestManager._initialize('ScriptManager1', document.getElementById('form1')); Sys.WebForms.PageRequestManager.getInstance(). _updateControls(['tUpdatePanel1' ,'tUpdatePanel2'] , ['Update1'] , [] , 90);
A proxy is a class that operates as an interface to another thing in this case, a web service. For more on the proxy pattern, visit the Wikipedia page at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Proxy_pattern.
The mechanism of the graphics state stack was explained in section 3.1.2, but we didn t get a complete overview of all the methods that were available. Table 14.5 lists a series of graphics state operators. Let s work through some examples involving lines and their characteristics, and take a closer look at the different parameters that can be used for the methods that change the graphics state for stroking lines.
/** * @param name the name to set */ public void setName(final String name) { this.name = name; } /** * @return the address */ public Address getAddress() { return address; } /** * @param address the address to set */ public void setAddress(final Address address) { this.address = address; } /** * @return the computer */ public Computer getComputer() { return computer; } /** * @param computer the computer to set */ public void setComputer(final Computer computer) { this.computer = computer; } /** * @return the manager */ public Employee getManager() { return manager; } /** * @param manager the manager to set */ public void setManager(final Employee manager) { this.manager = manager; }
The Non-Sucking Service Manager is a service-helper program that handles the failure of an application running as a service. You can download it from http://iain.cx/src/nssm/.
The four defining principles of Ajax
The filter is an abstract class, defining an abstract method isValidRequest() that inspects the incoming request object before passing a verdict. If the method fails c, it is forwarded to a different URL d, which is defined in the configuration file for the web application b, which we ll look at shortly. This filter provides us with considerable flexibility in defining a concrete subclass. We can adapt it to more than one security strategy. Using the HTTP session One common approach is to create a token in the user s HTTP session when she logs in and check for the existence of that object in session during subsequent requests before performing any other actions. Listing 7.6 demonstrates a simple filter of this type.
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