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<Extras> <PhotosExtrasApplication> <Enabled>true</Enabled> </PhotosExtrasApplication> </Extras> 3. The contents of the file are not very important; however, in the Properties window, make sure to set the Build Action property to Content and the Copy To Output property to Copy Always for the this file (click the file and press F4 to bring up the Properties dialog).
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CHAPTER 2: Directory Services Clients
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Reclaiming Space
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Database Tools
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You use a nonstandard version of a query, omitting the FROM clause, to display the current date and time and individual parts of them. The first two columns in the SELECT list give the complete date and time: current_timestamp 'standard datetime', getdate() 'Transact-SQL datetime', The first line uses the CURRENT_TIMESTAMP value function of standard SQL; the second uses the GETDATE function of T-SQL. They re equivalent in effect, both returning the complete current date and time. The next two lines each provide the current year. The first uses the T-SQL DATEPART function; the second uses the T-SQL YEAR function. Both take a DATETIME argument and return the integer year. The DATEPART function s first argument specifies what part of a DATETIME to extract. Note that T-SQL doesn t provide a date specifier for extracting a complete date, and it doesn t have a separate DATE function: datepart(year, getdate()) 'datepart year', year(getdate()) 'year function',
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We ll discuss only the differences between this example and the previous one. The first step was to reference the OLE DB data provider namespace, System.Data.OleDb:
Uri("/Images/", UriKind.Relative)); btnSave.Text = "save"; ApplicationBarIconButton btnDelete = new ApplicationBarIconButton(new Uri("/Images/", UriKind.Relative)); btnDelete.Text = "delete"; ApplicationBarMenuItem menuItem1 = new ApplicationBarMenuItem("Menu Item 1"); ApplicationBarMenuItem menuItem2 = new ApplicationBarMenuItem("Menu Item 2"); ApplicationBar.Buttons.Add(btnAdd); ApplicationBar.Buttons.Add(btnSave); ApplicationBar.Buttons.Add(btnDelete); ApplicationBar.MenuItems.Add(menuItem1); ApplicationBar.MenuItems.Add(menuItem2); } While adding the Application Bar to Windows Phone 7 is cool in itself, we cannot do much with that Application Bar right now. We can push buttons a few hundred times, but nothing changes on the phone screen or inside the application. To react to button press events, we need to write some managed (C# in our case) code, also called the event handler code. In the next section, you ll learn how to write code that processes and reacts to the button press events.
3. When the Zune application is not started, you will receive the error Zune software is not launched. Retry after making sure that Zune software is launched in the Visual Studio Error List Window.
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