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Next, we ll give our user a User ID using the UniqueID key. This ID should be unique (as the name implies), and so no other accounts should have the same ID. We will again use the create command:
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(allow process-exec)
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Searching on the Basis of Attribute Values
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The definitions of t1 and t2 are identical. They both have 1,000 rows, and the column n1 is defined to hold 100 copies each of the values 1 to 10. When we run the query, we should join 100 rows in t1 to 100 rows in t2 for an output count of 10,000 rows. This is the execution plan we get from using dbms_xplan.display(): --------------------------------------------------------------------| Id | Operation | Name | Rows | Bytes | Cost | --------------------------------------------------------------------| 0 | SELECT STATEMENT | | 1 | 6 | 404 | | 1 | SORT AGGREGATE | | 1 | 6 | | | 2 | MERGE JOIN CARTESIAN| | 10000 | 60000 | 404 | |* 3 | TABLE ACCESS FULL | T1 | 100 | 300 | 4 | | 4 | BUFFER SORT | | 100 | 300 | 400 | |* 5 | TABLE ACCESS FULL | T2 | 100 | 300 | 4 | --------------------------------------------------------------------Predicate Information (identified by operation id): --------------------------------------------------3 - filter("T1"."N1"=5) 5 - filter("T2"."N1"=5) The cardinality is correct, but look at the cost. Notice the merge join Cartesian that appears in line 2, and the way that the buffer sort in line 4 has acquired a cost of 400 (which looks remarkably like the cost of the t2 tablescan 100 times once for each row in t1). Checking the predicate information, you find no predicate joining the two tables the join predicate disappears as the second constant predicate is created. But if you can interfere with the closure algorithm in a suitable way, the plan changes to the following (note how the cost seems reasonable, but the cardinality [with heading Rows ] is now much too low):
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Note Notice that when you type this code into the Query Editor, the keywords are colored. For example, draw barcode 39 crystal reports
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The second group of fields on the comment configuration page, Comment Posting Settings, details comment workflow and the fields that are presented to users when they create comments. Anonymous poster settings: This determines whether anonymous users may or may not enter contact information, and if so, whether the information is required. Name, e-mail, and homepage: These are the contact information fields that are requested. If the information is required, the name and e-mail fields become mandatory fields. Names matching the usernames of registered users are not allowed. When comments from anonymous users are displayed, the name they supply will be wrapped in a hyperlink pointing to the site they entered as their homepage. Comment subject field: This determines whether the subject field should be enabled for comments. Once again, this is a matter of taste. One could argue that anyone commenting on a posting is going to talk about the posting and therefore shares the subject of the posting. On the other hand, maybe the commenter wants to address only one specific point relating to the posting, so it might make sense to allow subject fields.
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chmod -f -R -N "$fileObject" fi ## Apply ACLs to the user dir, we do an explicit ACE at the user's home ## and then apply inherited ACLs to children. if [ ${useACLs: } == "true" ]; then logger -s -t "$scriptTag" " - applying user ACL's" chmod +a "$fileObject:allow:list,add_file,search,delete, add_subdirectory,delete_child,readattr,writeattr,readextattr,writeextattr, readsecurity,writesecurity,chown,file_inherit,directory_inherit" "$fileObject" chmod -f -R +ai "$fileObject:allow:list,add_file,search,delete, add_subdirectory,delete_child,readattr,writeattr,readextattr,writeextattr, readsecurity,writesecurity,chown,file_inherit,directory_inherit" "$fileObject"/* fi chmod 755 "$fileObject" chmod -R 700 "$fileObject"/* if [ -d "$fileObject"/Sites ]; then chmod -R 775 "$fileObject"/Sites fi if [ -d "$fileObject"/Public ]; then chmod -R 775 "$fileObject"/Public chmod -R 773 "$fileObject"/Public/Drop\ Box fi done ## if we were passed a directory, traverse out of it if [ -n "$passedDirectory" ]; then cd "$OLDPWD" fi ## end repairPrivs()
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Sharing user information from the consumer to the application running on the producer is a common problem with application syndication. The syndication protocol has to allow for sharing of user objects or attributes between the consumer and the producer. This might be for personalization of content or for filling out the syndicated application s user profiles. JSR 168 portlets access user information from the consumer portal through WSRP, so if you use WSRP, user information access will be transparent.
avoid disclosing exception information --> <serviceDebug includeExceptionDetailInFaults="True"/> <!-- This line configures the persistence service --> <sqlWorkflowInstanceStore connectionStringName="Request" instanceCompletionAction="DeleteAll" instanceLockedExceptionAction="NoRetry" instanceEncodingOption="GZip" hostLockRenewalPeriod="00:00:30" /> <workflowIdle timeToUnload="00:30:00" timeToPersist="00:00:05" /> <!-- Configure the connection string for the persistence extensions--> <dbConnection connectionStringName="Request"/> <persistRequest connectionStringName="Request"/> <persistQueueInstance connectionStringName="Request"/> <tracking connectionStringName="Request"/> </behavior> </serviceBehaviors> </behaviors> <tracking> <profiles> <trackingProfile name="Queue_Tracking"> <workflow> <customTrackingQueries> <customTrackingQuery name="*" activityName="*" /> </customTrackingQueries> </workflow> </trackingProfile> </profiles> </tracking> </system.serviceModel> <system.webServer> <modules runAllManagedModulesForAllRequests="true"/> </system.webServer> </configuration>
So far in this chapter we have focused on using Mac OS X as a client to other solutions. Now we re going to shift gears a little and talk about using an entirely Apple-based groupware solution. The first step on this journey is using iCal Server to supply shared calendars to users. To do this, you will need an Open Directory environment, or at a minimum, augment records to another directory service. The augments will be created automatically if you first set up your OS X server in WorkGroup mode, bind to your directory service, and then use the Server Preferences tool rather than Server Admin to perform the setup. iCal Server uses CalDAV, an extension of the WebDAV protocol that Microsoft Entourage can use to interface with Exchange. CalDAV is a well-defined open standard and so developing around it is in no way a black box. However, it is not as widely dispersed as Microsoft Exchange and so there are fewer tools that integrate with it. Still, nothing is likely to work better with iCal Server than the iCal client itself, included by default with all Mac OS X installations. Alternative clients include open source programs Mozilla Sunbird and the Mulberry email and calendaring application. Additionally, there are several third-party Outlook plug-ins available, though they tend to perform as second-class citizens.
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Complete Code Listing for the To-Do List Portlet
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