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Building UserRegistrationUserControl
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to create a special group to implement this role. The option to do so still exists, though.
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In the preceding examples, you may have noticed the URL changing as you navigated to different views in a frame. You may have also noticed that the URLs were not very pretty and contained some information that you may not want to display. As an example, consider the following URL: ID=4 For starters, this URL is not very pleasant to look at, and not very user-friendly either. It also may contain information that you would prefer not to provide the user, such as the exact filename and the query string name. A much more appropriate URL would look like the following: This URL is much easier to read and is more user-friendly. In addition, it doesn t give away any details about your solution. You can obtain this URL using a feature known as Uri Mapping. Let s work through an example to further explore Uri Mapping with the Navigation Framework.
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Under the General tab, you have options to customize button actions and notifications. These settings persist whether the computer is on AC or battery power. In the Actions section, you can set what happens when the power button is pressed once the computer is active. Effectively, this controls whether or not pressing the button when Ubuntu is running should shut down the computer, suspend it, or hibernate it. You can select Ask Me, which will cause the standard Quit dialog box to appear (that is, the same dialog that appears if you click System Quit). You can also customize the action for the suspend button. The available actions are to do nothing, suspend, and hibernate. Hibernate will write the contents of RAM to the hard disk and then shut down the computer. Suspend will shut down most systems of the computer except for the RAM, which will be kept active. Then, when you press a key or move the mouse, the computer will wake up almost instantly as the subsystems are reactivated. generate datamatrix
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2. Now change the query that returned NULLs to call xml2tbl1. You should see the results in Figure 17-10.
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10. Create an instance of the message that you are sending to the web service (msgRequest). This can be done through a map or a Message Assignment shape. The following steps will show how to do this through a map. a. b. c. Drop a Transform shape in the orchestration immediately before the Send shape created in step 6. This will automatically create a Construct Message shape. In the Properties window of the Construct Message shape, click the Messages Constructed property, and select the message created in step 6 (msgRequest). Double-click the Transform shape. In the Transform Configuration dialog box, the target document should be msgRequest, and the source document can be any document (you will need to create a message, not included in these steps, of any given schema type and set it to the source). After setting the source and target schemas, click OK. The map should open, and you can map fields as needed.
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Imports System.Data.SqlClient
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