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Create a List of Servers
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a web.config file to your application. Click OK to add the file. The web.config file is an important file and we will cover it in great detail later on.
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< xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" > <s:WindowedApplication xmlns:fx="" xmlns:s="library://" xmlns:mx="library://" height="600" width="800" creationComplete="onStartup()" title="S3 Image Store" nativeDragEnter="onNativeDragEnter(event);" nativeDragDrop="onNativeDrop(event);"> <fx:Script> <![CDATA[ import import import import com.adobe.webapis.awss3.S3Object; com.adobe.webapis.awss3.AWSS3Event; com.adobe.webapis.awss3.AWSS3; flash.filesystem.*;
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Business Case
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Using Discriminated Unions as Records
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Finally, bind Mac clients into both directory structures (using the same steps for both Open Directory and Active Directory that were mentioned previously). Active Directory will now process user credentials, and Open Directory will now process system policies for the Mac clients. NOTE: This is a rather quick explanation on setting up a dual directory environment. You may run into errors or problems along the way with DNS, Active Directory, Open Directory, or server communications. If this is the case, check the extensive community forums at to see whether others have experienced the same issues (more than likely they have) and published fixes for them. Also, see 3 of The Enterprise Mac Admin s Guide from Apress for additional information.
Figure 11-49. An error is caught in a nested batch. 5. This time we will see how our T-SQL code can be successfully precompiled and execution started. Then when we try to display results from a temporary table that doesn t exist, the CATCH block does not fire, as execution terminates immediately. DECLARE @Probs int BEGIN TRY SELECT 'This will work' BEGIN TRY SELECT * FROM #Temp END TRY
build file, but that did not give us any extra information about the portlet.xml generation.
Drag another Assign activity below the Switch activity and set the DisplayName to Freight Charges. For the To property, enter TotalAmount. For the Value property, enter the following: TotalAmount + (OrderInfo.TotalWeight * 0.50D)
Styling in Silverlight
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