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4. The New PGP Key dialog box appears. Fill in a full name, e-mail address, and
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Adding Components for UserRegistrationUserControl
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Under Pressure
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Figure 5 38. Initializing the correlation set 7. Right-click the Get CRM Response shape, and select Properties. In the Properties window, set the Following Correlation Sets property to ServiceIDCorrelation, as shown in Figure 5 39. This ensures that the orchestration will accept only messages with the same information at runtime, which is the specific support identifier in this example. While sending the outbound message, BizTalk creates an instance subscription with the properties of the correlation set to receive the correlated inbound message.
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In this section you will learn to find your application and view ratings and comments. You will be using Zune software that you download from http://www.zune.net/en-US/products/software/ download/downloadsoftware.htm. 1. 2. 3. 4. Install your downloaded Zune software. Open up your Zune software found in your machine at Start All Programs Zune. Follow the steps to configure Zune if it is first time use. Once you are on the main page of Zune click on marketplace link and then click on the APPS link as shown in Figure 5 13.
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Figure 7-3. DataSet architecture As you can see, DataSet has two primary collections: The Tables collection is exposed by the Tables property and consists of a DataTableCollection object that can have zero or more DataTable objects. Each DataTable represents a set of data from the underlying data source. The Relations collection is exposed as the Relations property and consists of a DataRelationCollection object. The DataRelationCollection object in turn contains zero or more DataRelation objects. Each DataRelation object represents the parentchild relationship between two DataTable objects.
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CHAPTER 7: Browser
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Extended XDoclet Example
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Handling Video Download Progress
Table 13-1. Primary Members of the BackgroundWorker Class
all that could be loaded.
in the terminal window to download and install the DeCSS component:
This approach seems to be the most elegant one at first glance. You develop the server in the same way as when using the shared assemblies method. Instead of really sharing the DLL or EXE, you later extract the necessary metadata, which contains the interface information, using SoapSuds. SoapSuds will either need the URL to a running server or the name of an assembly as a parameter, and will extract the necessary information (interfaces, base classes, objects passed by value, and so on). It will put this data into a new assembly, which can be referenced from the client application. You can then continue to work as if you d separated your interfaces right from the beginning.
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