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Because the maximum size of each Application Bar icon is 48x48 pixels, the size of each icon you add is limited to 26x26 pixels so that a circle can be properly drawn around it. Since Windows Phone 7 supports the concept of themes, the background of an icon has to match the rest of the theme, and therefore should be made transparent. On this transparent background, the actual graphic should have white foreground color using an alpha channel. Fortunately, in many cases, you won t have to create icons yourself, since Microsoft has released a set of commonly used images for Windows Phone 7, all properly sized and formatted in Microsoft s approved style. You can grab a copy of those icons here: FamilyID=369b20f7 9d30-4cff-8a1bf80901b2da93&displaylang=en.
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Notice that INNER JOIN is a binary operation, so it has two operands, left-table and right-table, which might be base tables or anything that can be queried (for example, a table produced by a subquery or by another join). The ON keyword begins the join specification, which can contain anything that could be used in a WHERE clause.
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Contains channel templates that can be used in the application s channel options using the ref attribute as you will see it later in this chapter. This attribute is used especially when you create your own channels (see 14). Contains a list of providers of channel sinks that can be inserted in the channel sink chain. More information about channel sinks can be found in 12. The debug option tells the .NET Remoting infrastructure to load all types immediately on application startup. That makes it easier catching typing errors in the configuration file as errors occur immediately after startup and not only when types are instantiated.
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chapter. Additionally, ASP .NET offers a session state mechanism that allows sessions to be persisted in a SQL server, allowing them to work in a clustered environment. This allows you to build a stateful web application, but the typical web application does not do this and is stateless.
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s Note Please make sure to reference System.Data.SqlClient and System.IO; otherwise, the code will
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Figure 3 26. Table Extractor functoid configuration for column 1 Figure 3 27 shows the configuration for the Table Extractor functoid that will process column 2 from the table. The first parameter is a link from the Table Looping functoid, and the second parameter is a constant value of 2, which indicates it will process the second column from each row as it is processed.
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Keep your fingers crossed that this will be the case for your particular hardware!
Using Shapes in XAML
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