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With the 8.04 release of Kubuntu, two separate versions of Kubuntu were simultaneously released. One uses the established version 3.5.9 of the software; the other uses the newer version 4 software. Version 4 of KDE radically redesigns the system software, as well as the look and feel. However, it is considered a work in progress, which is why the Kubuntu project has used the 3.5.9 version for its main release. The ISO image on Side B of the DVD-ROM provided with this book is of version 4. For more information about KDE version 4, see the Wikipedia article at Figures D-1 and D-2 show the different Kubuntu versions.
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Figure 4-5. Inner and outer XML The application contains two radio buttons to indicate inner or outer XML options. The Read button reads the Employees.xml file and displays the content as per the selection made. Listing 4-7 shows the Click event handler of the Read button containing the relevant code. Listing 4-7. Using InnerXml and OuterXml Properties private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { XPathDocument doc=new XPathDocument(Application.StartupPath + @"\employees.xml"); XPathNavigator navigator = doc.CreateNavigator(); navigator.MoveToRoot(); navigator.MoveToFirstChild(); while (navigator.MoveToNext()) { if (radioButton1.Checked) { MessageBox.Show(navigator.InnerXml); } else { MessageBox.Show(navigator.OuterXml); } } }
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Data Store
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In the previous sections, you saw various server controls triggering events, submitting pages with form data, validating input controls, and so on. These all involve events. ASP.NET has an event-driven architecture: each web form and server control supports a number of events that it can respond to, and these events can be attached to various event handlers. As you d expect, these events fall into two categories: page and control events, respectively. Consider what happens as you interact with a simple SayHello.aspx page that has a text box for a name, an empty label, and a submit button: 1. 2. An HTTP GET request is made for SayHello.aspx to the server. On receiving this request, the server processes the page (doing compilation if necessary), calls the appropriate page event handlers (Page_Load, and so on), and ultimately returns an HTML response. This HTML response, along with the state/content of the HTML controls (the view state: an empty text box and label), is sent back to the browser, and the page is displayed. You fill in your name and click the submit button. This causes the form containing the text box and button controls to post back to the server, passing the view state with it.
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Now that you have a basic understanding of what serialization is, let s delve straight into XML serialization. You will be building an application that illustrates the serialization and deserialization process by using the XmlSerializer class. The application user interface is shown in Figure 8-1.
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As shown in Table 3-6, a literal form is also available for arrays of bytes: the characters are interpreted as ASCII characters, and non-ASCII characters can be embedded using escape codes. This can be useful when you re working with binary protocols: > "MAGIC"B;; val it : byte [] = [|77uy; 65uy; 71uy; 73uy; 67uy|] Verbatim string literals are particularly useful for file and path names that contain the backslash character (\): > let dir = @"c:\Program Files";; val dir : string You can also use multiline string literals: > let s = "All the kings horses - and all the kings men";; val s : string The operator .[] is used to access the elements of a string, and the property Length retrieves its length:
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do { switch (result.Name) { case "firstname": label6.Text=result.Value; break; case "lastname": label7.Text=result.Value; break; case "homephone": label8.Text=result.Value; break; case "notes": label9.Text=result.Value; break; } } while (result.MoveToNext()); } The code obtains an XPathNavigator object from an XPathDocument class. To retrieve the <employee> node with the specified employee ID, we use SelectSingleNode(), by supplying the appropriate XPath expression. It in turn returns another XPathNavigator object containing the returned node. The code then iterates through all the child nodes (<firstname>, <lastname>, <homephone>, and <notes>) of the returned <employee> node. With each iteration, the corresponding values are extracted by using the Value property of XPathNavigator.
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private var _bodyPM:BodyPM; private var _footerPM:FooterPM; private var _headerPM:HeaderPM; private var _leftnavPM:LeftNavPM; private var _mainwindowPM:MainWindowPM; public function get mainwindowPM():MainWindowPM { return _mainwindowPM; } public function set mainwindowPM(value:MainWindowPM):void { _mainwindowPM = value; } public function get leftnavPM():LeftNavPM { return _leftnavPM; } public function set leftnavPM(value:LeftNavPM):void { _leftnavPM = value; } public function get headerPM():HeaderPM { return _headerPM; } public function set headerPM(value:HeaderPM):void { _headerPM = value; } public function get footerPM():FooterPM { return _footerPM; } public function set footerPM(value:FooterPM):void { _footerPM = value; }
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Understanding OS Differences
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RealProxy Class
Table 1-2. Optional Parameters for HTTP Connections on BlackBerry
Evolution Modes
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