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' Create insert command Dim cmdins As SqlCommand = conn.CreateCommand() cmdins.CommandText = sqlins cmdins.Transaction = sqltrans cmdins.Parameters.Add("@newcustid", SqlDbType.NVarChar, 5) cmdins.Parameters.Add("@newconame", SqlDbType.NVarChar, 30) ' Create delete command Dim cmddel As SqlCommand = conn.CreateCommand() cmddel.CommandText = sqldel cmddel.Transaction = sqltrans cmddel.Parameters.Add("@oldcustid", SqlDbType.NVarChar, 5)
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Figure 3-15. Nested grid with buttons
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When you are using more than two colors, you need to define gradient stops to configure how they will behave in the gradient. This is because when you have two colors, it s pretty obvious that they will be at the start and end of the gradient. When you add a third, where should it go It wouldn t be flexible if it were always in the middle of the gradient, so the concept of a gradient stop allows you to define its position. A gradient stop is defined in one-dimensional space, with 0 denoting the beginning of the gradient and 1 denoting its end. So, if the stop is halfway in between, it would be at position 0.5; if it is three-quarters of the way along, it would be at 0.75; and so forth. Here s an example of the same rectangle filled with several colors in a linear gradient. Note how the stops determine how the colors fade between the colors of the rainbow.
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CHAPTER 2 DOCUMENT SCHEMAS read scan qr webcamera
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3 17. Calling Compiled Assemblies
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The Windows service is responsible for scheduling and delivery services, server maintenance, encryption operations, and initialization services. It is required for the push delivery method of reports. For scheduling operations, the SQL Server Agent Service is required. If you need just push delivery reporting, you can run only the Report Server Windows service. However, you will have available just a part of the Reporting Services functionality.
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Figure 14-6. Adding a connection Set the data source to use the localhost with the speci ed authentication credentials as used in the ASPNET_REGSQL utility. Click on the Test Connection if you wish to test the current settings, and when nished, click OK. Proceed back to the Database Explorer window, and you will notice that a new connection is listed. Expand the connection as well as the tables (Figure 14-7).
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and latches could be the result of insufficient memory that causes SQL to swap data pages to disk (because it does not have enough memory to store the data in cache), and you could also see some disk I/O issues as well.
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Drupal distributed authentication is a way to save site users the extra steps of creating redundant accounts on multiple sites. With distributed authentication, users can register on one site, and then use an extended version of their login information to log in to any site that supports Drupal distributed authentication. This is not only convenient for users, but it s also useful in situations where sites want to maintain a shared user base but not a shared database. When logging in to a Drupal site using distributed authentication, your username takes on an extended form that includes the site that is expected to do the actual authenticating. The extended username takes the form For example, if Bob is a registered user at with the username bob, his extended username is, and his password remains unchanged. When Bob uses this extended username to log in to another Drupal-powered site, that site will send a request to Bob s original site,, and ask it if a user bob with the password that he entered should be authenticated. You should be aware that the current implementation of distributed authentication raises some security concerns. Someone could alter the code of her site to save a record of the passwords of users who log in. This is true of any web site you visit, not just Drupal. As long as the username and password only buys access to just that site, there is little incentive to do this. If, however, it would allow the malicious person to log in to other sites as well in this case, any Drupal site that has the Drupal module enabled the incentive is greater, and so is the potential loss or damage. The attacker would be able to masquerade on those sites using your user identity and execute actions on your behalf.
Microsoft.FSharp.Reflection.FSharpType Microsoft.FSharp.Reflection.FSharpValue
Listing 6-30. Configuring the Velocity View Resolver
Short for Wine Is Not an Emulator; software that re-creates the Windows Application Programming Interface (API) layer within Linux and lets users run Windows programs.
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