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namespace EncryptionSink { public class EncryptionClientSinkProvider: IClientChannelSinkProvider { private IClientChannelSinkProvider _nextProvider; private byte[] _encryptionKey; private String _encryptionAlgorithm; public EncryptionClientSinkProvider(IDictionary properties, ICollection providerData) { _encryptionAlgorithm = (String) properties["algorithm"]; String keyfile = (String) properties["keyfile"]; if (_encryptionAlgorithm == null || keyfile == null) { throw new RemotingException("'algorithm' and 'keyfile' have to " + "be specified for EncryptionClientSinkProvider"); }
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Silverlight offers a number of events that you can use to manage application events such as loading, unloading, and full screen changes.
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You should be aware that in a finalizer, your object could be partially destroyed already. Any managed objects that are also on the heap may already be destroyed, because the garbage collector may have cleaned them up already. The finalizer code should not assume that any managed objects are still valid. Let s say you wanted to avoid having to call Close when using heap semantics, as in Listing 6-17, and you decide to move the closing of the stream to the finalizer, as in Listing 6-18. Listing 6-18. Closing a Stream in a Finalizer !FileConverter() { if (sw != nullptr) sw->Close(); // problem here fileNative->Close(); } The problem is that the underlying stream object may be released already by the garbage collection process and an exception will be thrown. This will likely crash the process. In general, objects of reference type may be in an invalid state in the finalizer. Objects of value type are safe to use, as are unmanaged objects that have not been cleaned up yet. I ve noticed that many people who are trying to learn C++/CLI destruction and finalization, who don t yet fully understand the details of how destruction and finalization work, find themselves unable to remember whether the destructor should call the finalizer, or vice versa. The key to remembering this pattern is to remember that finalizer code is very limited. You cannot access managed objects in your finalizer. There is no such restriction in the destructor. So, it will not be possible for the finalizer to call the destructor if the destructor works with freeing the managed resources, because that would put the destructor code under the same restrictions as the finalizer code, which would probably prevent some cleanup from being possible. Let s look at one more example, Listing 6-19, that should make clear the dangers of finalizers.
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The Loop shape has many applications, from looping through XML documents to supplementing the Listen shape, exception handling routines, and so on. Orchestrations can mimic the behavior of longrunning Windows services with the proper placement of a Loop shape. For example, if you need to poll for data on a timed interval, you could set up an orchestration to do this. An initial Receive shape would instantiate the orchestration and immediately enter a loop. Once in the loop, it would never exit, looping every [x] number of minutes to reexecute a series of steps. The orchestration would be long-running and would never end until terminated manually. An example of this type of orchestration is shown in Figure 5 27.
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Microsoft PowerPoint Adobe Illustrator
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The Drupal module offers a simple service by which other Drupal sites can announce their existence or ping a central server on a regular basis. While there are many possible applications of such a service, the most common use is along the lines of the now defunct Drupal Sites page on Drupal.org, which was simply a long list of sites that run Drupal.
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host. Even if you are using a self-assigned certificate on the Mac OS X Server, you should use SSL when possible.
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Figure 9-10. Browse for your files
The applyTint method simply gets the color from the arrayCollection, and we use TweenLite to tint the color of the entire movieClip from its current color to the new color. You could simply use the color in the
MacScan by SecureMac is one example of a commercial program that can remove spyware and the data that spyware most commonly harvests on a Mac. MacScan checks for spyware in administrative applications running on a system and in web browser caches (see Figure 8 9), allowing the user to clean this data from the computer. MacScan is available at http://macscan.securemac.com.
Computed Cardinality
Figure 9-16. GridUpdate after adding a new data source
Note You can get more granular levels of zooming by holding the Ctrl key and using the wheel on your mouse
3. A window within the FXG options dialog box will be displayed. Leave the defaults for
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