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CHAPTER 12: Everything Else
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The main difference between implicit and explicit data binding is that implicit data binding is done at run time, while explicit data binding is done at compile time.
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6. Now it s time to address the actual web page itself. Double-click on the Default.aspx page in the Solution Explorer. Click on the Design view and drag a Label control to the page from the Toolbox. 7. Switch back to the Source view of the Default.aspx page and you will now see the label in HTML format. <asp:Label ID="Label1" runat="server" Text="Label"></asp:Label> 8. You re not nished with the Label control, however. You need to add an additional property. Add the following property to the Label control: meta:resourcekey="LabelResource1" Here s the complete code for the Label control: <asp:Label ID="Label1" runat="server" Text="Label" meta:resourcekey="LabelResource1"></asp:Label> The Label control is now complete for our example. Let s nish the nal step. 9. The nal step is to add the page declaratives to the Default.aspx. Click on the Source tab on the Default.aspx and add Culture="auto" and UICulture="auto" so the entire page declaration resembles the following: <%@ Page Culture="auto" UICulture="auto" Language="VB" AutoEventWireup="false" CodeFile="Default.aspx.vb" Inherits="_Default" %> 10. You can now build and run the web project. When the page is displayed, and assuming that you set the preferred language in your browser back to English; the page will simply display the words Thank You (Figure 8-9).
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You may notice that some icons change their appearance when you highlight them. This is especially pronounced on devices like the BlackBerry Curve: folders pop open, notes spring out, and browsers change colors. Why should only native apps get this cool effect Fortunately, you can add your own rollover icon. This process is easiest if you are using device software version 4.7 or later. Simply follow the instructions in Providing an Icon above, but update Focus icon files instead of Icon files.
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Creating Custom ASP.NET Server Controls
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s Note When you install SSE as part of a VBE installation, an instance of SSE named localhost\
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Apply just the simple filtering predicates and do a Cartesian join with the resulting rows. We have 400 rows extracted from table t1, and 200 rows extracted from t2, so the Cartesian join is 80,000 rows. But there is one more predicate to apply to reduce that 80,000 rows down to the final result set, the predicate that represents the join condition. To apply this predicate, we look at it in two different ways, namely: t2.join1 = :unknown_value or :unknown_value = t1.join1 Then we simply pick whichever one of these two conditions is the most selective. And, as you learned in 3, the selectivity of column = :bind_variable is either the density or 1/ num_distinct. If there are multiple conditions, we simply apply the rules (which we also saw in 3) for combining predicates allowing for the special sanity checks introduced by 10g and the answer drops out. I d like to thank Benoit Dageville of Oracle Corporation for giving me this insight in a conversation we had at Oracle World 2004. I ve found it a very helpful way to visualize some of the effects of different conditions.
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Normal body text of a section Header for a section Subheader text for a section Text for a section footer Used for alternating text (every other row) in a section Used for the selected text in a section Any text that is not one of the above styles but that is associated with a section
foreach (KeyValuePair<string, object> v in variables) { s.AppendLine(String.Format(" {0} Value: [{1}]", v.Key, v.Value)); } } AddEvent(String.Format(" Activity: {0} State: {1} {2}", activity.Activity.Name, activity.State, s.ToString())); } // If this is a user record CustomTrackingRecord user = record as CustomTrackingRecord; if ((user != null) && (user.Data.Count > 0)) { AddEvent(String.Format(" User Data: {0}", user.Name)); foreach (string data in user.Data.Keys) { AddEvent(String.Format(" {0} : {1}", data, user.Data[data])); } } } } } The ListBoxTrackingParticipant class is derived from the abstract TrackingParticipant class. It overrides the Track() method, which is where most of the work is done. When a trackable event occurs, the workflow instance will enumerate all the extensions and will call the Track() method in any that are derived from the TrackingParticipant base class. I ll explain what a trackable event is later in this chapter. The ListBoxTrackingParticipant class has a private member, _eventLog, which is a reference to a ListBox control. This is passed in the class constructor. There is also an AddEvent() method that adds a string to the ListBox using the window s main thread. This allows the tracking logic that runs in the workflow s thread to safely access the application controls.
o far, I have stuck with all the easy options. I ve been using numeric data, avoiding nulls, generating nice data distributions, and taking half a dozen other routes to making the optimizer behave well. However, there are numerous ways in which the arithmetic works as I ve described but still produces results that look completely wrong. In this chapter, I discuss the commonest reasons why the standard selectivity calculations produce unsuitable answers, and how you can (sometimes) bypass the problem. I also discuss a couple of features that may cause the optimizer to apply the arithmetic to the wrong predicates. In 3, I avoided going into details about histograms. I m still going to avoid them here. The effects of (the two kinds of) histograms add yet another layer of complexity to what s going on in the selectivity calculations, and there are plenty of oddities to clear up before we have to face histograms. I will start by showing you how to apply the standard formula to date and character types, and then discuss what happens if we store data in columns of the wrong data type. We can then move on to the ways in which special values can cause problems, and close with cases where Oracle does arithmetic with predicates that you didn t know you had.
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