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Now that you have Open Directory set up securely, you might want to start building out the users and groups for your server. Later you can log into client systems using these
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'define scalar query Dim sqlqry As String = "select count(*)from employees" 'define insert statement Dim sqlins As String = "insert into employees " & _ "(firstname,lastname)values('Zachariah', 'Zinn')" 'define delete statement Dim sqldel As String = "delete from employees " & _ "where firstname = 'Zachariah'" & _ "and lastname = 'Zinn'" 'create commands Dim cmdqry As SqlCommand = New SqlCommand(sqlqry, conn) Dim cmdnon As SqlCommand = New SqlCommand(sqlins, conn) Console.WriteLine("Command created and connected.") Try 'Open connection conn.Open() 'execute query to get number of employees Console.WriteLine("Before INSERT: Number of employees {0}" _ , cmdqry.ExecuteScalar()) 'execute nonquery to insert an employee Console.WriteLine("Executing statement {0}" _ , cmdnon.CommandText) cmdnon.ExecuteNonQuery() Console.WriteLine("After INSERT: Number of employees {0}" _ , cmdqry.ExecuteScalar()) 'execute nonquery to delete an employee cmdnon.CommandText = sqldel Console.WriteLine("Executing statement {0}" _ , cmdnon.CommandText) cmdnon.ExecuteNonQuery() Console.WriteLine("After DELETE: Number of employees {0}" _ , cmdqry.ExecuteScalar()) Catch ex As SqlException Console.WriteLine(ex)
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cd /opt/local/etc/snort sudo cp snort.conf.dist snort.conf
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Graphical user interface; describes the software that provides a graphical system to display data and let you control your PC (usually via a mouse).
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Creating a Web Service Client
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Here are some available OLE DB data types, their corresponding .NET types, and their .NET typed accessors (see Table 7-2).
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Message boards, like anything else, come with their own brand of lingo. I ll take you through some of the more common terminology that you ll encounter in the world of forum administration. If you re experienced with message boards, feel free to skip this section (or skim it for fun). If not, these are some good terms for you to get acquainted with, as you ll undoubtedly be exposed to them. Forum: An organizational area for posts on your message board with a common theme. Archive: A special type of read-only forum that holds old posts generally deemed worthy of keeping around by a moderator. Category: A group of forums that (ideally!) share a common theme, typically displayed on the front page of a message board. Topic/Thread: A string of related posts that live in a forum.
To modify contents of any of the nodes, the XPathNavigator class provides a method called SetValue(), which accepts the new value and assigns it to the current node. Listing 4-15 shows how this method can be used.
You need to step through your map code just like you would with other .NET code in order to debug.
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