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Applications built with the .NET Framework require the .NET redistributable package (the .NET runtime) in order to run. As it stands now, the .NET runtime is not distributed with the supported versions of Windows operating systems. This means you are responsible for getting the .NET runtime to your clients. Depending on your deployment method, you either package the .NET redistributable with your deployment or require that users have the .NET runtime prior to running your installer. If you are going to require that your clients already have the.NET runtime installed, you can have them download it from http://msdn.microsoft.com/netframework/downloads. The download page provides a link to download the .NET redistributable software development kit (SDK) along with the service packs. In an enterprise environment, you also have other options. For example, large organizations often use Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS) to handle the automatic distribution of the .NET runtime (among others deployments).
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Wrapped Proxies
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Push notifications provide a scalable framework for Windows Phone 7 applications that lets them receive important messages without the need to continuously run in the background. This approach preserves device resources (processor, Internet connection) and extends battery life. There are many potential uses for Push notifications: from Twitter updates to severe weather alerts to stock market notifications. This chapter demonstrated how you can send push notifications to Windows Phone 7 devices using a Windows Forms application; just as easily, it could be a web-based or cloud-based application that sends those updates. In this chapter, you built a cloud service to programmatically keep track and send notifications to the connected clients. This same cloud service could be further enhanced to send out push notifications on a schedule. Currently, there is a limit on how many free push notifications can be sent to a single notification channel URI. That limit is 500 notifications per 24 hours per URI. That means that you can send 500 messages per app per device for free for every 24 hours. This limitation is in place to prevent abuse or malicious attacks and possibly spam through a notification channel. There is a fee to use the Push Notification Service above that limit. The communication channel between the Windows Phone 7 and the Microsoft Push Notification Service is secure, and customers also have an option (for a fee) to secure the channel between their web service and MPNS.
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You will probably encounter security prompts when you run the application on the device. Dealing with these prompts is covered in depth in 9. For now, simply provide all permissions whenever the device asks for them. How do you debug when things go wrong Most developers have their favorite techniques. Remember, you can view any information that is printed to the System.out log. When the application is running on the device, never underestimate the usefulness of attaching it to your IDE for an interactive debugging session!
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ref class Derived : Base, IA // OK : Base class first. { }; ref class A : Object, IA // OK: Object may be explicitly stated. { }; value class V : ValueType, IA { }; ref class B : IB, Base { }; // OK: Value class inherits from ValueType.
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The British Broadcasting Corporation (www.bbc.co.uk), the UK s largest public service broadcaster, is sponsoring development of the Dirac codec (see http://schrodinger.sourceforge.net). Dirac is less developed than both Theora and Xvid at present, and it is aimed more at the broadcast/enthusiast market. For example, it is designed to support high-definition TV. However, it s certainly one to watch.
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The application consists of a TreeView control and a Button control. Clicking the Load Tree button displays the entire tree of nodes in the tree view as shown. The core logic goes in the Click event handler of the Load Tree button and is shown in Listing 3-2. Listing 3-2. Loading the Tree private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { XmlTextReader reader = new XmlTextReader(Application.StartupPath + @"\employees.xml"); reader.WhitespaceHandling = WhitespaceHandling.None; TreeNode employeenode=null; TreeNode rootnode = null; while (reader.Read()) { if (reader.NodeType == XmlNodeType.Element) { if (reader.Name == "employees") { rootnode = treeView1.Nodes.Add("Employees"); } if (reader.Name == "employee") { string employeeid = reader.GetAttribute("employeeid"); employeenode = new TreeNode("Employee ID :" + employeeid); rootnode.Nodes.Add(employeenode); } if (reader.Name == "firstname") { string firstname = reader.ReadElementString(); TreeNode node = new TreeNode(firstname); employeenode.Nodes.Add(node); }
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Compiling and Testing the Control
Arrays are very handy for collating and organizing data. However, their support in bash is a bit limited compared to more robust programming environments. Also be aware that one of the major limitations of an array is that their scope is downward only, meaning you can t export an array between scripts or functions of a script. Basically, arrays are going to only work in your main body of code and not in sub-processes you launch. In practice, this is a major limitation to consider before trying to use bash arrays in a complicated fashion.
The KBOX Systems Management Appliances, from KACE, can be leveraged to provide centralized configuration management of the iPhone and iPod touch. KBOX applications can provision, configure, and control policies with more granularity that can be found with the iPhone Configuration Utility. For example, you can leverage groups with your policies, monitor utilization, and application installations and track plans and renewals for the wireless contracts for the iPhone. More on KACE and KBOX and the ability to manage iPhone and iPod touch can be found at http://www.kace.com/products/systems-management-appliance/ features/iphone-management.php.
6. Change the Securables list to the ShareDetails.Shares table. Then in the Explicit Permissions area grant Select permissions by checking the check box as shown in Figure 8-41. I will explain this section in more detail shortly. Once done, click OK, which will then apply these changes to AJMason.
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