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// A way to close the files promptly without waiting // for the cleanup to occur. void Close() { if (sw != nullptr) sw->Close(); fileNative->Close(); } // Destructor: close the managed filestream, and call finalizer. ~FileConverter() { if (sw != nullptr) sw->Close(); this->!FileConverter(); } // Finalizer: close the native file handle. !FileConverter() { fileNative->Close(); } };
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Recompiling a Native Library As Managed Code
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'T list -> 'U list -> ('T * 'U) list
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Automated Resource Tracking and Handling
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Constructing XML via LINQ
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AudioServicesPlaySystemSound (self.paddleSoundObject); // Reverse front-to-back direction if(ball.center.y > compPaddle.center.y) { ballSpeed.y = -ballSpeed.y; // each time the computer hits the ball, speed it up ballSpeed.y++; } // Let's change the X (side-to-side) direction if we're near // the /edge of the table if ( (ball.center.x > (self.view.bounds.size.width /2)+100) || (ball.center.x < (self.view.bounds.size.width /2)-100) ) ballSpeed.x = -ballSpeed.x; //[self turnOnGreenLED]; } // // Here is the only real action that this method does. // If none of the above conditions are met, then call // the AI method that moves the computer's paddle towards // the ball. // [self compPlay]; } // end if } // // touchesBegan is the method that gets called when the player // interacts with the game (touches the screen to move his paddle). // this is just the method called by the system, and if the game // status is IN_PLAY, then our routine touchesMoved is called to // intercept and move the player's paddle. // REALLY, this is just a gateway that only allows the player // to move the paddle if the game is in play. // -(void)touchesBegan:(NSSet *)touches withEvent:(UIEvent *)event { if (status == IN_PLAY) { [self touchesMoved:touches withEvent:event]; } } // // serveAction - Basically, this starts the game. // (1) Clear any startup text in the game window // (2) Initialize the scores // (3) change game status // (4) make a serve sound // // Note that this method really doesn't "serve" the ball. It // merely changes game status so that the next time the NSTimer // "fires", the gameLoop actually runs. // -(void)serveAction { winOrLoseView.text = @"";
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select s.abbr abbr, s.name sname, c.name cname from xmlstate s inner join xmlcity c on
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true, false, yes, no
Each site configuration can have its own site-specific modules and themes that will be made available in addition to those installed in the standard modules and themes directories. To use site-specific modules or themes, simply create a modules or themes directory within the site configuration directory. For example, if sub.example.com has a custom theme and a custom module that should not be accessible to other sites, the setup would look like Figure 6-2.
Figure 7 12. Action with fact
Reboot the computer, and when the Ubuntu boot menu appears, select Ubuntu and press F4. Select Safe Graphics Mode, and then press Enter. This will start Ubuntu using VESA graphics drivers, which are compatible with practically every graphics card made within the last ten years.
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