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4. On the VBE menu, click Data Show Data Sources. The Data Sources window appears, as in Figure 9-17.
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Lineart (binary), Gray (grayscale), Halftone, or Color. If you select anything other than Lineart, additional sliders will appear to let you control the gamma, brightness, and contrast of the scanned image, in that order. In addition, several other buttons will appear at the bottom of the program window, all of which you can leave at default settings. Remember that hovering the mouse cursor over each will explain what it does.
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Time Management
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A barcode is most commonly used in areas that make use of 12-digit UPCs (Universal Product Codes). The UPC is assigned to retail merchandise to identify both the product and the vendor who sells it. Typing this rather long 12-digit number to identify every item is surely more effort than letting a scanner do the job. Barcodes convert the UPC to machine-readable format.
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When the restore process completes, you can boot the computer with the destination drive and see if everything is as it should be. This system should be identical to the source machine, with the exception that any settings unique to a computer (MAC address, and so forth) would have changed. Conveniently, Apple stores these settings together in the ByHost directory. You can also perform the image restore from the command line using hdiutil, as we did to create the image in the first place. The more experienced you become with imaging, the more likely you are to use the command line----or even just a quick shell script----to do much of your imaging. -
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Consider, for example, how bad the error could be when one reference data set has 3 entries, and another has 6,000 with an average number of rows per data set in the region of a couple of hundred. The cardinality of a simple join could easily be out by a factor of 100 or more. If you find yourself in this trap, there is a simple (though possibly expensive) solution. Recreate the table as a list partitioned table, partitioning on the type column. If you do this, and if every query against the table references the type column as a literal value watch out for cursor_sharing then you have effectively turned the single table into one table per data set as the optimizer will use the partition level statistics to do its arithmetic. The expense, of course, comes from the license fee for the partitioning option.
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Figure 12-5. Final look of the dtRSandCRs data table
Figure 8-1. A client/server view of CHAPI
The output of Listing 11-21 is as follows: apple banana 0 apple 1 banana In addition to the generic List, there is a generic IList interface that can be used, as mentioned in the comment. Let s look at one more collection class before moving on to managed templates.
Adding MIDlet Permissions
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