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CHAPTER 16: Server Security
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Note The Lazy<'T> type is defined in System and represents delayed computations. You access a lazy value
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Introduction to Web Development
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You can even transfer the backup directory across the Internet via SSH file transfer or the less secure FTP standard. To do so, simply enter the protocol, username, password, and URL in the following format:
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Figure 1-13. Wiring events and their handlers manually Inside the event handler, we have used the MessageBox class to display a message box. The Show() method of the MessageBox class has many overloads. We have used the one that accepts a message to be displayed to the user. Now, use the Build menu to compile the application. Compiling the application will create an executable .NET assembly. Though you can run the .exe directly, you may prefer to run the application via the Visual Studio IDE so that you can debug it if required. To run the application, choose Debug Start Debugging from the menu. Figure 1-14 shows a sample run of the application.
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Is there logic at a database level that must be performed before the message from your orchestration can be processed Do you need to affect data in many tables Even though it is technically possible to insert data into multiple tables via an update datagram, inserting data into multiple tables can be better managed using a SQL stored procedure.
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You can also restrict access to a specific port or ports. For iexample, to allow any remote server to connect to ports 80 and 110, use the following tags:
table. Instead, to enter a customer transaction in this situation, we first have to create the customer record, and then we can carry out the transaction. Finally, if we had a customer record and related customer transaction records, we couldn t alter the customer reference number in the customer record without first altering the customer transaction records and checking that the reference we re altering the customer transaction records to already exists. So, there are a number of rules to follow if we want to maintain the integrity of our data. If we so desired, we could use referential integrity to enforce data integrity. However, a flip side to all of this to be aware of is that we can keep data integrity within a system and not use referential integrity. Instead, we can create stored procedures or triggers, which are types of programs within SQL Server, to do this task. We ll look at these topics in s 10 and 13. Using stored procedures and triggers is a possible but undesirable solution, because it leaves our system open to instances where data integrity is not kept, because of holes within the design of the system or perhaps because a developer doesn t have the correct processing sequence to ensure that all data is always valid. Not only that, but if someone adds data directly to a table, the referential integrity will be lost. That said, having the data integrity checks in an application does lead to less traffic flow over the network, as all the validation is done on the front end. There is one more important point about referential integrity before we move on to discuss database relationship types: if you want to maintain referential integrity by creating a relationship between two tables, then these two tables must be in the same database. It is not possible to have referential integrity between two databases.
Coding the Service
Note The difference in these two functions is that COUNT returns an integer data type, and COUNT_BIG
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