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Add Code 39 in visual Figure 7-10. Application for illustrating the WriteXmlSchema() method

This form contains the following fields: Forum name: This field is filled in for you. You gave the forum a name on the previous page, and that information is carried over to this page. If you decide that you don t like the name of your forum, you can change it at this point. Description: You ll need to add a brief description of what the forum entails for your users. Category: If you have second thoughts about which category you wish to put this forum in, you can change that in the Category drop-down menu. Forum status: In most cases, you will wish to leave the forum unlocked, unless you are creating a forum for archival purposes that you don t want anyone posting in. Auto-pruning: Leave auto-pruning, a feature that automatically removes dead topics on a schedule you specify, off for now, as this feature is far from ideal for fledgling boards. Naturally, you can always return to this form and change any of these settings. Click the Create new forum button, and you ll see the familiar success screen. Return to the Forum Administration panel, and your new forum should appear in its proper category, as shown in Figure 8-11.
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more quickly by reducing the memory, and sorting to disk. The most dramatic example I have seen of this counterintuitive result was a series of large index builds where a typical index build time dropped from 150 seconds to 85 seconds (140 CPU seconds down to 75 CPU seconds) because we dropped the sort_area_size from 500MB to 5MB. However, that was a system with very fast disks and an enormous cache between Oracle and the disks the I/O subsystem was under absolutely no pressure whatsoever.
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Tip If you have more than one printer installed (maybe you have a printer attached to your PC but also print
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Target runtime: The application server on which you wish to deploy the data services application. Eclipse allows you to configure the application server run time. A JBoss AS instance is configured for the purpose. The details of JBoss AS configuration are out of the scope of this chapter. However, a quick search on the Web or a look at the JBoss AS documentation (available online at could help you configure a JBoss AS successfully. Context root: The root of the web application, usually the same as the application name. Content folder: The folder for the source files. Flex WAR file: The location of the data services WAR file. The LCDS WAR file is called flex.war, and the BlazeDS WAR file is called blazeds.war. We are using BlazeDS, so we choose blazeds.war from wherever we have locally saved it on our file system. You may recall I said you would get a chance to define BlazeDS-specific files. Here is where you do it. Compilation options: Options that let you compile the application either locally or on the server when the page is viewed. If you are a servlet or JSP developer, you know that you can either precompile these artifacts or compile them when accessed, initialized, and served based on user request. During development, it s advisable to compile locally in order to catch any errors and warnings as soon as possible. Output folder: The folder where the compiled and packaged files are saved.
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The following example reads the preferences for the portlet, and then displays them to the user. The portlet allows the user to set preferences for two different preference keys. The new values will overwrite any existing preferences for this portlet.
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Upon executing this command, you will be prompted to insert credentials to access the System keychain. Upon successful authentication, the stored private key and signature will be used to sign the application. It is also possible to use the codesign tool to verify the state of the application. To do so, we can run it with the following syntax, against the same application that we just signed (Firefox), as seen in this example:
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The isPause flag indicates whether the track is in pause mode.
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namespace LeadGenerator { public class DBExtension { private string _connectionString = ""; public DBExtension(string connectionString) { _connectionString = connectionString; }
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You accomplish the security by just retrieving the CurrentPrincipal and verifying group memberships for the user.
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to the command.Ssee class.
After the web service is successfully launched, a browser window will appear with our two web methods inside. Take a look at Figure 6-4. Does the URL in the address bar seem familiar to you Well, as I mentioned earlier in this chapter, the browser window is launched with our ASMX file, which shows the functions of the web service to the user.
<<interface>> IIdentity -IsAuthenticated : bool -AuthenticationType : string -Name : string
Let s say that you insert a CD or DVD into your computer s DVD-ROM drive. To mount the CD or DVD and make it available to Linux (something that is actually done automatically as soon as you put a disk in the drive, so this example is for demonstration purposes only), you would type the following:
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