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AIR 2.0 exposes access to the uncompressed PCM ByteArray data on the Microphone API. You can enable or disable the feature by setting or removing the SampleDataEvent.SAMPLE_DATA event listener on each Microphone.getMicrophone() instance. We want to point out that the ability to access the ByteArray in certain APIs has been a long-standing request to Adobe, and we will not be surprised if this feature is added to Flash Player altogether in a sub-
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slapconfig -createldapmasterandadmin corpodadmin "Corporate OD Administrator" 1100
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File Access
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Rectangle Select
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These websites and links are similar to having the product manual right in your hands. In some cases, such as SQLServerPedia, it is like having a cheat sheet right at your fingertips.
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Table 3-8. T-SQL Money Data Types SQL Data Type
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Figure 10 5. Messages tab of the Service Details dialog box 9. Double-click one of the messages, and select the Context section, as shown in Figure 10 6. This view displays the context of the suspended message, which can be especially helpful when troubleshooting. Particularly, it alerts you to what properties the message had when it was suspended and which were promoted.
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Async.RunSynchronously: Async<'T> -> 'T
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<mx:SWFLoader source="@Embed('assets/videofile.swf')" />
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other computers on the network. At the bottom of the dialog box you might see some warning messages. However, we found some of these were wrong or simply didn t make sense. This is obviously a bug, and our advice is to ignore them. If you genuinely do something wrong, like type too long a share name, Ubuntu will tell you later on.
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