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Workflows can be hosted in a web service, which provides an ideal way to expose workflow solutions to non-workflow clients such as web applications. A web service receives a request, performs some appropriate processing, and returns a response. This naturally translates to the Receive and Send activities you used in the last two chapters. Because these activities are integrated with the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), you can easily create WCF services.
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Just select the entry from the menu that appears.
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Figure 9-4. The Standard Install screen
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Figure 9-14. The Red Theme changed at runtime Congratulations! With just a little code and effort, you allowed your users to personalize their experience of your website even more.
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The three frequently used implementations of the provider model are membership, roles, and profile services: The membership services deal with user management. By using membership services, you can create, manage, and authenticate users of your website. The roles services deal with role-based authentication. By using roles services, you can check whether a user belongs to a specific role. You can also create and manage roles. The profile services deal with personalization. A profile is nothing but an extended set of information about a user. For example, you may capture details such as birth date, address, and full name while the user is registering with your website. These details are stored as the profile of that user.
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Figure 4-13. Configuring matching port numbers on the email account
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Figure 5-9. Final look of the dtAgedAR data table
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Furthermore, we can build on the logic just introduced. The following script will loop through all of the local users on a system and alter the umask variable for each. Each section is documented accordingly; note the beginning, where variables from the positional parameters are mapped into paths for packages, mount points, and the
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Using the Personal Contact Form
' Create connection conn = New SqlConnection( _ "server = .\sqlexpress;" _ & "integrated security = true;" _ & "database = northwind" _ ) ' Create command Dim cmd As SqlCommand = conn.CreateCommand() cmd.CommandText = _ "select top 1 " _ & " customerid, " _ & " companyname " _ & "from " _ & " customers " cmd.Connection = conn ' Add second StateChange handler AddHandler conn.StateChange, AddressOf ConnStateChange2 Try ' Clear list box ListBox1.Items.Clear() ' Open connection conn.Open()
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When the HTTP request is of type POST or when it is a GET request that does not end with the string WSDL or SDL , the message will be passed to the next sink.
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