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The portlet generally obtains a principal in this manner, so you can get by without knowing how to do this manually. However, it is enlightening to see the mechanism used in practice, and in some SSO scenarios especially the proxy scenario it can be necessary. At the point that you conduct a login, some details of the login mechanism must be known. You cannot generally log in to a Unix system using NTLM (Microsoft) authentication, and most authentication systems provide no discovery mechanism to determine the protocol in use. JAAS is therefore based on an API called Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAM), which allows you to try a login on a system or systems using a variety of different protocols. As a result, you can conduct a JAAS login, at the end of which one or more systems may have vouched for your credentials. The protocols to be used are generally specified using a configuration file. This can contain individual or multiple entries.
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GS*HC* PROF123* Merc123USA *20091028*1300*701*X*004010X098A1~ ST*837*0001 [BODY CONTENT] SE*32*0001~ GE*1*701~ IEA*1*000000701~ The envelope identifies a number of things about the document, most importantly, who the receiver and sender are. These values are stored in the sixth and eight positions of the ISA segment (ISA06 and ISA08). In the instance shown in Listing 8 1, these values are PROF123 (the sender identifier) and Merc123USA (the receiver identifier). To set this up, take the following steps. This solution assumes that parties, a business profile, and an agreement have already been configured.
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</client> </application> </system.runtime.remoting> </configuration> Now you can run all three applications. The output is shown in Figures 8-16, 8-17, and 8-18.
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In this section, you will learn how to find and deal with two exceptions that are common to Windows Phone applications. The first is the navigation failed exception, which can be thrown when a main page is loaded; the second deals with the web service call that is consumed by the application. The ErrorHandlingDemo application that you ll use contains two projects, a Windows Phone project and the Calculator web service project, which has an Add method that adds two numbers and returns the result to the caller. Being able to debug and handle web service call exceptions will be critical especially if you are planning to work with external services like Microsoft Bing Maps services, covered in 14. When you finally debug and fix all the issues in the application, you will see the result shown in Figure 4 1.
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Figure 13-8. RAISERROR database exception message
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Microsoft has developed a data provider for Oracle databases.
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Account Setup
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Your results on this test may be very different from mine. It is a feature of ASSM that the scattering of data on inserts is affected by the process IDs of the processes doing the insertion. In a couple of repeats of the test, after disconnecting and reconnecting to Oracle to get different process IDs, one run of the test produced a clustering_factor of 22,265 and the next a clustering_factor of 18,504. Another piece of information that came through from this particular test was the randomness of inserts and contention when using ASSM. By running the following SQL, I could get a measure of how much collision occurred on the blocks in the table: select ct, count(*) from ( select block, count(*) ct from ( select distinct dbms_rowid.rowid_block_number(rowid) block, substr(small_vc,1,1) from t1 ) group by block ) group by ct ; You will remember that I included a tag with each call to the procedure, and that the tag value was copied into the small_vc column. In the preceding query, I pick up the block number, and tag value (I used the letters A to E for the five processes running the procedure) to find out how many blocks ended up with rows inserted by all five processes, how many ended up with rows from any four processes, and so on. The results are shown in Table 5-1.
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This ACE would allow the user testaid read only access to the Staff folder, and any newly created items. Keep in mind that our POSIX permissions are still playing a role in this scenario, as the everyone group has no capabilities. This goes to illustrate the need to ensure properly planned POSIX permissions in addition to ACLs. It is not enough to rely on only one system. If necessary, we could apply an explicit deny ACL which would override any set POSIX permissions:
Try It Out: What Happens When the First Operation Fails
The <namespace> JSP Tag
Enabling a receive location is an important deployment activity. If a receive location is not enabled, a message will reside in the physical adapter s transport receive location, and it will not be consumed by BizTalk. For example, the message could be a file in a folder for the file adapter or a message in an MSMQ queue for the MSMQ adapter. A common problem when initially deploying and verifying receive locations is often security access and file permissions. When enabling a receive location, it is a good idea to check the Windows Event Viewer to ensure no errors are raised by BizTalk. Common errors with receive locations are often security related. Always check to ensure your receive location has been granted permission to the security credentials associated with the receive port s receive handler or the receive port itself.
To keep the focus on SOAP web services consumption let s look at a simple example. On the XMethods web site ( is a list of publicly available web services, one of which helps validate 10- and 13-digit ISBNs. An ISBN, short for International Standard Book Number, is a unique way of identifying a published and cataloged item. This web service is provided by a company called Data Access Europe BV ( To get started, you need the WSDL, which you can get from WSDL. Now create a Flex project in Flash Builder and call it ISBNValidationWebService. Use the following steps to generate the web service proxies on the basis of WSDL: 1. Select Connect to Web Service from the Data menu in Flash Builder. The screen looks like the one shown in Figure 7-6. This brings up the wizard.
Creating the RssWriter Class
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