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The only refactoring that you are interested in doing is adding a Metadata to point to the RetrieveInformationEvent event, so you can get code hints when implementing the class in Flex. Add the following code to the beginning of the GetEmployeesInfo class:
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public interface EmailDao { void sendTimesheetUpdate(Timesheet timesheet); } You looked at the usage of the e-mail DAO very briefly in 5, when we were considering the use of the service layer to group related calls to various DAOs. Listing 8-2 shows the injection of the e-mail DAO implementation into the service class that will use it.
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Listing 2-3. The Files Contained Within the Project
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The purpose of our example is to change a customer s account balance when a financial transaction occurs as defined by an INSERT in the TransactionDetails.Transactions table. We want to change the balance AFTER the row has been inserted into the TransactionDetails.Transactions table. This is so we do not change the customer s account balance if later in the INSERT of the row a problem occurs and the INSERT does not complete. 1. Ensure that Query Editor is running and that you are logged in with an ID that can insert objects into the database. First of all, it is necessary to give the trigger a meaningful name. Then you define the table that the trigger will be attached to, which in this case is the TransactionDetails.Transactions table. The final part of the start of the trigger will then define the type of trigger and on what actions the trigger will execute on. This will be a FOR AFTER trigger on an INSERT on the TransactionDetails.Transactions table. The first part of the code looks as follows: CREATE TRIGGER trgInsTransactions ON TransactionDetails.Transactions AFTER INSERT AS
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("\r\nThe workflow has completed"))); }; This code implements a handler for the Completed event. This event is raised when a workflow instance completes. The code gets the CommentExtension from the WorkflowInstance and then adds an event to the lstEvents control using the Comments property of the extension. This is done on the window s thread by using the Dispatcher object.
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To make something useful for both older and newer phones, add a new option to the Address Book app labeled Verify Media Shared. This will check the contact to see if it has previously received any media from the MediaGrabber app. If not, it will offer to open MediaGrabber in its normal mode to send some media. Listing 8-2 shows the complete menu option class, which can be included within MediaGrabber as an inner class.
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Figure 12-2. The simple PHP example Although web applications are almost always more complicated than these two examples, they are often built using similar concepts. A little later we will inspect these, and a few other examples, to see how to modify them and convert them to Flex applications.
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