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Because the portlet container will handle concurrent requests from clients by invoking the methods on the portlet on separate threads of execution, your portlet must be able to handle any combination and number of simultaneous calls to render() and/or processAction(). You must therefore implement your portlet to handle these concurrent requests safely. In practice this is not usually too tricky all the information you need to process a request is provided in a thread-safe manner in the parameter list, so if your portlets don t use instance variables and they don t access other resources external to the portlet, your application will automatically be thread-safe.
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4. Only a few more steps are needed until you are ready to test. Next, add a web.sitemap le to the web project and add the following nodes: < xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" > <siteMap> <siteMapNode title="Invoice Tracker Home" description="Home Page" url="default.aspx"> <siteMapNode title="Invoice" description="Invoice" url="Invoices.aspx"> </siteMapNode> </siteMapNode> </siteMap> 5. Now let s proceed to the actual code that will perform the altering of the nodes. Right-click on the web project and choose Add Folder and then the App_Code folder. Right-click on the App_Code folder and choose Add New Item. Add a class le to the folder and name it NodeParser.vb. Last, add the following code to the class le, which will parse the query string and its value: Imports System Imports System.Web Public Class NodeParser Public Shared Function ParseQuerystrings (ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As SiteMapResolveEventArgs) As SiteMapNode 'Make a copy of the current SiteMapNode so that 'we can alter it in memory. Dim nodeClone As SiteMapNode = SiteMap.CurrentNode.Clone(True) Dim tempNode As SiteMapNode = nodeClone 'Check if there is an invoiceID value in the 'query string and that it is not null. Dim invoiceID As String = Nothing Dim invoiceIDUrlEncoded As String = Nothing If Not String.IsNullOrEmpty &_ (e.Context.Request.QueryString("InvoiceID")) Then invoiceID = e.Context.Server.HtmlEncode & _ (e.Context.Request.QueryString("InvoiceID")) invoiceIDUrlEncoded = e.Context.Server.UrlEncode & _ (e.Context.Request.QueryString("InvoiceID")) End If
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The wireless network is a bit more persnickety. As is typical, we will use DHCP but we will also need to configure a number of proxy services. Use the following command to set the adapter to DHCP:
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In this chapter, we covered how to construct more sophisticated queries using SQL features such as aggregates, DATETIME functions, GROUP BY clauses, joins, and pattern matching. We also covered the features that are new in SQL Server 2005, such as common table expressions, the PIVOT operator, the ROW_NUMBER() function, and the PARTITION BY clause. In the next chapter, you will learn about manipulating the database.
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s Note Establishing connections (database sessions) is relatively expensive. They use resources on both the client and the server. Although connections might eventually get closed, through garbage collection or by timing out, leaving one open when it s no longer needed is a bad practice. Too many open connections can slow a server down or prevent new connections from being made.
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Setting Up the Page
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You can use Property Pages to view existing references, which will either be application references (type GAC) or web references (type WEB) on the references list. You can also add application or web references from this window, following the same workflow that you followed when you chose to add them directly from the context menu. If you want to remove unwanted references, select them and click Remove. Finally, web services may change over time, causing your proxy to break because it is out of sync with the originating service. If you want to make sure that your proxy is up-to-date and able to communicate with the service, select the web reference and click Update. Of course, when the update to your web reference indicates the originating service actually did change, you may need to change your own code that uses the web service. Figure 2-17 shows the Build options.
1. The first time you visit a web site that uses Flash, a yellow bar will appear at the top
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Figure 1 22. Creating a business profile on a party 7. Give the business profile a name representative of the business unit or department being set up. In many cases, a party will only have a single business profile. On the identities screen, set the trading partner ID(s) and qualifier(s) (see Figure 1 23). These values are given to you directly by the trading partner, and are the way trading partners are uniquely identified.
Figure 1 21. Configuring the base party object
After completing the edits, save the file and reload your shell (most easily accomplished by quitting Terminal and reopening Terminal). Now, type the command:
This recipe demonstrates how to respond to exception conditions by invoking an Expression shape that writes an error message to the Windows application log. However, an exception handler can define more rigorous error-resolution procedures. The compensation block can simply log the exception, can invoke an exception-handling framework, or can invoke another BizTalk orchestration defining a series of resolution actions. In addition, if an orchestration defines the procedures for resolving exceptions, then the BizTalk Business Activity Monitor (BAM) can generate reports on exception-resolution processes.
Microsoft documentation on security in Windows Phone 7 lists explicit requirements regarding application code that gets rejected during the certification phase of an application. In the few remaining pages of this chapter, you will gain an understanding of what types of application behavior are not tolerated by Microsoft.
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