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Figure 1-9. The new EmailWebsite
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protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { int nX = 0; int nY = 0; try { nX = Convert.ToInt16(Request.Params["nx"]); nY = Convert.ToInt16(Request.Params["ny"]); } catch (Exception ex) { nX = 0; nY = 0; } int nAns = nX * nY; Response.Write(nAns); }
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This chapter described how to install and create Drupal themes. It covered a lot of ground, and I will briefly summarize the main points here. The theming system that governs the look and feel of your Drupal site is built on themable functions functions in the core modules and includes that are responsible for generating HTML output. The HTML that is produced by these fundamental functions is adequate to run a site and ready to be styled using CSS. Themes are groups of files organized by folders in the themes directory that represent alterations and enhancements to the core themable functions and the HTML they generate. Administrators can decide which of the themes available in the themes directory are activated. If more than one theme is activated, users will be able to choose which theme is to be used for them when they visit the site. Various strategies have been developed for managing the interactions between themes and the underlying themable functions. As a result, various theme engines are available. PHPTemplate is the standard engine and is part of the standard Drupal download. Most of the work done in designing the look of a Drupal web site will be achieved using CSS and binary image files. Every theme has a style.css file, which can be customized to make themes unique. Other style sheets can be added using the function theme_add_style. Themable functions from the core include files and modules can be overridden by adding new functions that follow a naming convention that combines the name of the active theme with the name of the themable function. For PHPTemplate-driven themes, these new functions are placed in the theme s template.php file. Theme overrides can also be achieved in the form of tpl.php template files, a strategy that has many advantages for designers and site administrators. The most common themable functions have been overridden by PHPTemplate automatically. These functions include theme_page, theme_box, theme_block, theme_comment, and theme_node. Any PHPTemplate-driven theme must provide, at a minimum, an override for theme_page. This is done by including a page.tpl.php file in the theme s directory. If other tpl.php files for these common functions are found in the same directory, they are used instead of the underlying themable function. The node.tpl.php template, which overrides the function theme_node, can have node-type specific variants, which follow a naming convention. The file node-blog.tpl.php, for example, will provide an override that is specific to blog nodes. Any node type can be themed in this way. You can create style sheet-only themes (styles) by making a subdirectory in a theme and adding a style.css file to it. The theme will rely on the tpl.php templates and theme overrides from the parent directory, but the style.css file in the subdirectory will be used.
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Figure 10-13. EmployeeID is the primary key of test_Employees.
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As of the time of writing, there were over twenty apps in the App Store that could be used to process credit cards. With prices ranging from $49.95 all the way down to free, small businesses have a lot of options for increasing their sales. Why talk about the payment card industry in a book on accessories There are two major reasons. First, small business applications are one of the most lucrative areas for third party iPhone development. While games get all the notice, investors (both individuals and venture capital firms) are looking for the next big small business app. Second, small business represents a mostly untapped market because change is coming. Throughout 2010 the Payment Card Industry will require changes to the way small business operate to insure security and reduce fraud. Rather than play catch up once these changes go into effect, an accessory developer (or app developer for that matter) that has something ready ahead of time will have the market edge. So as boring as security may be for some, stick with it and you may come up with that invention that makes it big. Take, for example, a merchant who makes weekend trips to crafts fairs where he does most of his business. Up until recently, he has maintained a cash business or graciously taken checks. If he did choose to take credit cards then he was probably forced to use something like the knuckle-buster manual swipe shown in Figure 8 2.
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The root tag of the document is <node>, which further contains various <node> tags. Each <node> element represents a node of the TreeView control and has two attributes, text and url: The text attribute specifies the text to be displayed in the TreeView node. The url attribute points to a URL where the user should be navigated. The nesting of the <node> elements decides the nesting of the TreeView rendered. Thus the root node of the TreeView will be Home. The Home node will have four immediate children: Products, Services, About Us, and Contact Us. Similarly, the Products and Services nodes will have three children each. Now drag and drop an XmlDataSource control from the toolbox onto the web form designer. Set its DataFile property to Navigation.xml. The DataFile property points to an XML file that will be supplying data to the XML data source control. Next, drag and drop a TreeView control onto the web form and set its DataSourceID property to the ID of the XmlDataSource control you just configured. Now locate the DataBindings property of the TreeView, and open the TreeView DataBindings Editor (Figure 11-10).
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With the release of C# 3.0, Microsoft borrowed a number of features from the so-called family of functional programming languages. Among these features is the ability to define functions inline known to C# programmers by the intimidating term lambda expression. At a basic level, lambda expressions are simply functions that differ from normal C# functions in their syntax. In our example, x =>textBlock1.Text += String.Format(" OnNext: {0}", x) is a lambda expression that defines a function that accepts x as a parameter and infers its type from context. The textBlock1.Text += String.Format(" OnNext: {0}", x) statement is the body of the function. Note that the ()=> syntax specifies that no parameters are passed in to the lambda expression, as you saw with the last parameter to the Subscribe function.
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Database Transaction Savepoints
The Tabular Details Pattern
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