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Figure 5-11. Running the GetAddresses web method in the test page
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Figure 14-4. Finishing the ASPNET_REGSQL utility 5. One last piece of con guration remains, which will be within the actual Web Form where the SQL caching will take place. Let s proceed to the Default.aspx Web Form in your project and click on the Source tab. Add the following page directive: <%@ Page Language="VB" AutoEventWireup="false" CodeFile="Default.aspx.vb" Inherits="_Default" %> <%@ OutputCache Duration="3600" SqlDependency="Northwind:Orders" VaryByParam="none" %> These page directives specify the SqlDependency using the Northwind database and the Orders table. When this is placed in a Web Form, any data being displayed from the Orders table from the Northwind database will be cached until a change or update is made to the Orders table. 6. Switch back to the design view of the Default.aspx Web Form. Open the Database Explorer window by clicking on the View menu and choosing the Database Explorer menu item. The Database Explorer window will launch near the Solution Explorer window. Click on the Connect to Database icon as shown in Figure 14-5.
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outlines the items that are included as part of the deployed activity as well as the additional possible items available in the Tracking Profile Editor to help you map activity items to the solution artifacts. Table 11 14. Activity Tree Items
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When I boot for the first time, I see an error message along the lines of No operating system could be found on the hard disk.
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Table 1-1. Asserts Class Methods and Description
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This is the official name of this agent for identification in the logs of the servers we re searching:
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CHAPTER 9: Virtualization
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Figure 5-2. The VIEW mode for the to-do list portlet
The Expanded field applies to items that have subitems. It controls whether the menu is expanded by default. If the menu should always show the subitems, check Expanded. The default is for a menu item with subitems to expand when you click it. The Parent Item field is important because it determines in which menu the item is to appear and where on the menu it is located. Forgetting to explicitly set this will result in the item landing in whatever menu is at the top of the list, probably the navigation menu. Every menu that you ve created appears in the Parent Item drop-down list. The Weight field allows you to control the order in which your menu items appear. Smaller, lighter numbers appear nearer to the top, and larger, heavier numbers sink toward the bottom.
1. 2. In an empty orchestration, create a new variable called intCount. Make it of type Int32. This will represent the loop counter. Drop an Expression shape on the design surface. Rename this shape to Set_Count. Then double-click the shape, and type in the following code:
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