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Use 3 of 9 in Transforming XML with XSLT

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Listing 6 4. Example Insert Customer Stored Procedure if exists (select * from sysobjects where name = 'BizTalkToCustomerInsert' and type = 'P') drop proc BizTalkToCustomerInsert go CREATE procedure BizTalkToCustomerInsert @CustomerName nvarchar(60) , @Address nvarchar(120) , @City nvarchar(60) , @Region nvarchar(60) , @PostalCode nvarchar(60) AS /* ** ** Object: BizTalkToCustomerInsert ** ** Description: Inserts records into the Customer table for the SQL adapter ** stored procedure recipe ** ** */ BEGIN Declare @intReturnCode int select @intReturnCode = 0 /*Insert records that will be returned to caller*/ Insert Customer (CustomerName, Address, City, Region, PostalCode) Values (@CustomerName, @Address, @City, @Region, @PostalCode) /* Set the outbound return code */ select @intReturnCode = @@error /* return the return code */ return @intReturnCode END go grant execute on dbo.BizTalkToCustomerInsert to public go 3. Create a new BizTalk solution that will contain the components used to insert customers into the Customer table in your SQL database. Next, create a sample message that matches the structure detailed in Listing 6 5. The schema for this message will be created as part of the solution as defined in the Task 2: Create BizTalk Solution Artifacts section of this recipe.
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6: Packaging and Deployment Descriptors
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Let s go back to the PersistableIdle event handler. The code used to define this was this: i.PersistableIdle = (waiea) => PersistableIdleAction.Unload; In this case, the delegate function expects a return type of PersistableIdleAction. Because there is no code being executed, you can simply provide the return value (PersistableIdleAction.Unload). If you want to execute some code in this event handler, the syntax would be the following: i.PersistableIdle = (waiea) => { // Do something return PersistableIdleAction.Unload; }
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Technically speaking, the extended IterativeBackgroundWorker object captures the synchronization context of the thread where it was created and posts an operation back to that synchronization context. A synchronization context is an object that lets you post operations back to another thread. For threads such as a GUI thread, this means that posting an operation posts a message through the GUI event loop.
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Consider the following query: select t1.cola, t2.colb from table_1 table_2 where and ; t1.colx = {value} t2.id1 = t1.id1 t1, t2
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If any viruses are found, they will be listed in the ClamTk program window. The type of virus that s allegedly infecting the file will be listed in the Status column. See Figure 9-23 for an example.
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Adding the Game Controller
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System.Console.ReadLine(); } } } Essentially the server is a Singleton object that acts as a factory for the person object. When a client requests a new person, the server retrieves the current identity of the application s host process through WindowsIdentity.GetCurrent(). Afterwards it retrieves the principal identity of the managed thread that will be set by the security solution components and identifies the client credentials. Just take a look at Figure 5-8 to see what happens if the server is called by a client running in a different logon session.
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Figure 9-9. Configuring additional files and security with the BMG
Note The Windows Phone 7 device is based on the Zune, which is a Microsoft product and iPod competitor for playing video and audio. A Windows Phone uses Zune software to update a Windows Phone 7 system, and Zune must be running in order to deploy an application to a device. Also you can use Zune software to back up your device.
Try It Out: Using an Element-centric Schema with OPENXML
You simply added aliases for each column in the select list. This produced more customized column headings. It had no effect on the rest of the query.
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