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Figure 8-17. Running the application
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// define variables private var loader:Loader; private var content:*; // load swf private function initializeHandler():void { loader = new Loader(); loader.contentLoaderInfo.addEventListener (SecurityErrorEvent.SECURITY_ERROR, securityErrorHandler); loader.contentLoaderInfo.addEventListener (Event.COMPLETE, loadContent_onComplete); loader.contentLoaderInfo.addEventListener (IOErrorEvent.IO_ERROR, ioErrorHandler); loader.load(new URLRequest("main.swf"));
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1. Scan the disk for errors. 2. Defragment the hard disk. 3. Ensure Windows is shut down correctly.
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But as the last line of the table of results shows upgrading (or enabling system statistics some time after an upgrade) could leave you with lots of execution plans changing spontaneously, with switches from tablescans to indexed access paths being quite likely. In theory, any changes should be better paths, but I wouldn t guarantee that this will be true in every case.
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<Button HorizontalAlignment="Left" VerticalAlignment="Top" Content="Button"/> <Button HorizontalAlignment="Left" VerticalAlignment="Top" Content="Button"/> <Button HorizontalAlignment="Left" VerticalAlignment="Top" Content="Button"/> <Button HorizontalAlignment="Left" VerticalAlignment="Top" Content="Button"/> <Button HorizontalAlignment="Left" VerticalAlignment="Top" Content="Button"/> </Grid>
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The deployment descriptor for this portlet application includes all of the elements that were in the portlet.xml from the first portlet in this chapter, and we added support for several new portlet deployment descriptor elements:
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Hidden profile field, only accessible by administrators, modules, and themes Private field, content only available to privileged users Public field, content shown on profile page but not used on member list pages Public field, content shown on profile page and on member list pages Page title: For fields where Visibility is set to Public field, content shown on profile page and on member list pages, you have the option of specifying a page title. Doing so will instruct Drupal to create a special page that lists the users who have entered the same value for this field. This could be useful to list all of the violin players or all of the tuba players on your site, for example. This field can use the placeholder variable %value, which will be replaced with the value that the user chooses for this field. For the profile_instrument, you could set the page title to Plays the %value. For every instrument that you entered for the selection options, there will be a page titled Plays the piano, Plays the guitar, Plays the accordion, and so forth. The user must enter a value: When checked, this will make the current profile field (profile_instrument, for example) required. The user must enter it in order to submit the profile form. In reality, this makes sense only if the next field is checked as well. Visible in user registration form: As you can guess, this field determines whether the field appears on the user registration form. After you complete the form, submit your profile field and try it out! If you checked Visible in user registration form, you can try creating a new user account by logging out and clicking Create new account (user/register). There, you should see a drop-down selection list of instruments. If you then navigate to the my account page and click edit, you will see a link to the new profile group next to the account settings link.
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Introducing Build Tools and Systems
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TIP If you would like to learn more about the Java Standard Tag Library, check out Beginning JSP 2 (Apress, 2004) and Pro JSP 2 (Apress, 2003). barcode code39 generator
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Figure 14-5. The report designer with header and body sections
DDL Statements with Server Scope
You don t really need to be able to do binary math in your head to manage POSIX permissions, but knowing the numeric values of each mode can be important, as they are commonly used when managing permissions from the command line interface, which is discussed later in this chapter.
Before searching for software, it s always a good idea to refresh the package database. This database describes the software contained in the repositories, and it is held on your hard disk. Just click the Reload button on the Synaptic Package Manager toolbar to grab the latest package lists from the various repositories you re subscribed to (that are in your sources.list file). Reloading can take a few minutes on a slow connection, but it ensures that you have access to the latest software within the repositories. You can search for software in two ways: Quick: For a quick search, click any entry in the list of packages, and then simply start typing. This will match what you type against the package names and sort the list dynamically, as you type. In-depth: For an in-depth search, click the Search button on the toolbar. By default, this searches through both package names and the descriptions, for a higher chance of a match. You can type either the specific program name or a keyword that may be within the description. For example, if you are looking for graphics drivers for your nVidia card, but you don t know the name of the package that contains them, you can type nvidia.
4 2. Configuring Send Ports
All day event
ProcessActivity ProcessActivity
One low-level detail that s worth noting even though you shouldn t change it is connection pooling. Recall that creating connections is expensive in terms of memory and time. With pooling, a closed connection isn t immediately destroyed but is kept in memory in a pool of unused connections. If a new connection request comes in that matches the properties of one of the unused connections in the pool, the unused connection is used for the new database session. Creating a totally new connection over the network can take seconds, whereas reusing a pooled connection can happen in milliseconds; it s much faster to use pooled connections. The connection string has parameters that can change the size of the connection pool or even turn off connection pooling. The default values (for example, connection pooling is on by default) are appropriate for the vast majority of applications.
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