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In the orchestration, add a new Send shape. This shape will require a message to be associated with it. You will want to create a message that has the same type as the outgoing port you configured in step 6, as follows: a. b. c. In the Orchestration View window, right-click the Messages folder, and select New Message. Give this message an appropriate name, such as msgRequest. In the Properties window of the message, click the Message Type drop-down list, expand Web Message Types, and select the message type that corresponds to the port type you indicated in step 6. Set the Send shape Message Type property to this message.
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The Link-Building Tag (url)
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Figure 1 6. Application development life cycle As a developer, you will start out at the App Hub registering with your Windows Live ID (create it if you do not have one). Once signed up at the App Hub, you can register your physical device so you can debug in the real device. Remember that you can add up to three devices. Using Visual Studio and/or Expression Blend, you will be creating your application and debugging using the emulator or the device you registered. Once the application is created, you need to submit the application to the certification process. In order to ensure that your application will pass the Marketplace certification process, it would be a good idea for you to read and understand the application certification document found at linkid=9730558. As part of the certification process, your application will go through a series of validations against the application and content policies, packaging, code, phone feature disclosure, language, and images requirements. Your application will also get tested on reliability, performance, resource management, phone functionality uses, and security. The certification process is in place to help promote quality applications to consumers, to protect consumers from malwares, and protect Microsoft services. You will learn much more in detail about Marketplace certification in 5.
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So you went through all those steps, but instead of the modification, you got a cryptic PHP error message, or perhaps there s no sign of any changes. In that case, review the following troubleshooting steps: Did you upload it In the heat of the moment, it s easy to forget to upload. Make sure you uploaded the modification, and it s in the right place. Did you insert template code Most phpBB 2.0 hacks require work to be done on your template. If you are not using the subSilver template on your site, make sure you edit the templates that your site uses. If you don t, you likely won t see any result from any of your hacks. Is all the code in the right place Make sure all your code is properly placed within your files. Placement can be critical. Sometimes, the instructions are not as clear as they should be about where to put the code (it does happen). Is all the code right Rarely, bad code makes its way into a hack. While people test hacks before they go into the databases, sometimes something slips. Check with the hack author or the distributor before continuing. Is there a version incompatibility Sometimes, phpBB updates break existing hacks. If you have reason to believe this is a problem, contact the distributor of your hack or the hack author. If you continue to encounter problems, you will probably want to restore your file from a backup (particularly if there is a parse error or other unsightly problem that PHP reports) and wait to see if a fix is released. Also, feel free to use the support forums located at the various hack sites. They are there to help!
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you make public, as this can be a security risk. Most host providers are on the ball with ensuring the security of your account, but it never hurts to ask.
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let agent = MailboxProcessor.Start(fun inbox -> // The states of the let rec state1(args) and state2(args) ... and stateN(args) state machine = async { ... } = async { ... } = async { ... }
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In this case, we may want to set the sticky bit on this folder to ensure that users can only delete their own files from this folder. Last but not least, we have the Staff folder, which is a folder where teachers/instructors can privately share files outside of the purview of students. This can be handy for substitutes, multi-instructor classes, or for professors who have to collaborate during the teaching process. To facilitate this, the comm101staff group is set as the primary group and given full read and write access. Students, who will receive effective permissions of the everyone class, will then have no access to any items in this directory, as made evident by the permissions on the folder:
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Note, however, that the NSUmask value is actually a decimal value of the octal umask, so you ll have to do a conversion. In other words, instead of viewing the number 777 as three different values of 7 (owner), 7 (group), and 7 (other), it instead views it as a single number: 777. The approach to determine the decimal umask for this command is to convert the binary representation of the umask octal to decimal, so a little knowledge of binary is required. For example, let s examine a umask of 022. If we convert each of these octets (0,2,2) into binary, the values are 000 (0), 010 (2), and 010 (2) (when doing this conversion it s important to always use 3 significant digits). After converting each octet into binary, the next step is to concatenate the values. In this case, 000,010, and 010 become 000010010. This value, when converted to decimal is 18 (0 20 + 1 21 + 0 22 +0 23 + 1 24 = 18). This decimal value is then the number to substitute for the NSUmask value. One other note: the programs that honor the NSUmask will typically operate in an OS X GUI environment, as it is a function of the Cocoa framework. Technically, command-line applications can support this property, but typically command line apps will utilize the more traditional POSIX/umask model. Not all third-party Cocoa programs support this value, but generally the major players do. Once you have set the umask, simply restart the computer. From then on out, that computer will freely interact in collaborative folders, and files that they create will be able to be modified by other group members without having to file a helpdesk ticket. Neat. NOTE: Fortunately if you don t know binary, OS X s has a programmer mode which does all the mental work for you. To access this function, open up the Calculator application found in /Applications, and then select Programmer under the view menu (or use the keyboard shortcut command+3).
The most significant thing about these statistics is the physical writes direct by specifying a non-zero sort_area_retained_size we have made Oracle dump the entire data set to disk before returning results to the client (which may also explain the extra PGA memory we need it for the I/O buffers, which we wouldn t otherwise be using).
<aop:pointcut id="listTimesheets" expression="execution(* com.apress.timesheets.service.TimesheetService*.list*(..)) and args(account)" /> Having declared the pointcut that our aspect will use to identify the service s listTimesheet method, we then declare the relationship between the aspect method and the pointcut by using the aop:aspect element (referencing the aspect implementation bean) and its component elements. In Listing 5-19 we use the aop:before element to indicate that the aspect implementation method must be invoked before the call to the service method. We also supply the name of the aspect implementation method as the parameter to the method attribute, the name of the arguments to be provided to the aspect (the name defined in the pointcut of Listing 5-18) as the parameter to the arg-names attribute, and we reference the pointcut to be used as the parameter to the pointcut-ref attribute. The pointcut declaration intercepting the findTimesheet method, shown in Listing 5-19, is specified similarly to that for the listTimesheets method but omits the parameter names because we are concerned only with the (unnamed) return value of the method.
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Hiding an administrative account can help keep users in organizations from tampering with or disabling user accounts, and help maintain a secure channel for administrators to remotely administer the system. There are a variety of ways to obscure the presence of an administrative account in Mac OS X. For example if the only admin account on a Mac OS X client is Administrator with Admin as the short name (case sensitive), then the admin account won t show up at the login window. However, it will not be hidden in the Accounts System Preference pane. If you have multiple admin accounts, you can suppress them from the login window by adding them to the HiddenUsersList array in, using the following command:
Your next step will be to create the Test Suite and Test Case. 1. 2. 3. Click on the project name so the package will be selected automatically as the default flexUnitTests, and select File New Test Suite Class. In the next window, you can set the name and include any tests. Name the suite GetEmployeesSuite and hit Finish. Next, create the test case class by choosing File New Test Case Class. For the name choose: GetEmployeesInfoTester and for the Class to test. Click Finish.
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