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Let s look at this signature first, because it represents the design of the type. The worker constructor is given a function of type 'State -> 'State to compute successive iterations of the computation, plus an initial state and the number of iterations to compute. For example, you can compute the Fibonacci numbers using the following iteration function: let fibOneStep (fibPrevPrev:bigint,fibPrev) = (fibPrev, fibPrevPrev+fibPrev);; The type of this function is as follows: val fibOneStep : bigint * bigint -> bigint * bigint The RunWorkerAsync and CancelAsync members follow the BackgroundWorker design pattern, as do the events, except that you expand the RunWorkerCompleted event into three events to correspond to the three termination conditions and modify the ProgressChanged to include the state. You can instantiate the type as follows: > let worker = new IterativeBackgroundWorker<_>( fibOneStep,(1I,1I),100);; val worker : IterativeBackgroundWorker<bigint * bigint> > worker.WorkerCompleted.Add(fun result -> MessageBox.Show(sprintf "Result = %A" result) |> ignore);; val it : unit = () > worker.ProgressChanged.Add(fun (percentage, state) -> printfn "%d%% complete, state = %A" percentage state);; val it : unit = () > worker.RunWorkerAsync();; 1% complete, state = (1I, 1I) 2% complete, state = (1I, 2I) 3% complete, state = (2I, 3I) 4% complete, state = (3I, 5I) ... 98% complete, state = (135301852344706746049I, 218922995834555169026I) 99% complete, state = (218922995834555169026I, 354224848179261915075I) 100% complete, state = (354224848179261915075I, 573147844013817084101I) val it : unit = () One difference here is that cancellation and percentage progress reporting are handled automatically based on the iterations of the computation. This is assuming each iteration takes roughly the same amount of time. Other variations on the BackgroundWorker design pattern are possible. For example, reporting percentage completion of fixed tasks such as installation is often performed by timing sample executions of the tasks and adjusting the percentage reports appropriately.
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Function Figures
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Figure 11 11. Connecting a programmer to the target board
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The Response Object
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When you point your browser at a web page or call a web service from your application, you re effectively issuing one or more requests (commands) to a web (HTTP) server. HTTP commands are simple text-based instructions that are automatically generated by your web browser. For instance, when your browser goes to a particular URL, it does the following: Requests the page from the web server and waits for the response Analyzes the contents of the page in the response for further content to be fetched (images, for example), and issues the appropriate requests if necessary Displays the results, and executes any dynamic scripts and content contained in the page
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a legend (a key that explains what the axes refer to) to appear next to it.
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Try It Out: Working with the TextBox and Button Controls
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There are a number of parameters being used in this case. They are discussed here: The source XAML is hosted in a file on this web site called Page.xaml. The Silverlight control is hosted in an HTML <div> called SilverlightControlHost (see the earlier HTML markup for this). The Silverlight control will have the ID SilverlightControl. It will fill its <div> horizontally and vertically (100 percent width and height). It is based on version 1.0 of Silverlight. A JavaScript function called handleLoad will execute when the Silverlight component is rendered by the browser.
6. Click Edit Preferences. In the Preferences dialog box, click the Output Format
The easiest way to prepare your database definition file, whether it is the main definition file (database.mysql or database.pgsql) or the database definitions for a contributed module, is by running the prefix.sh script. The script accepts two parameters, and you must instruct it to direct its output to a new file. The first parameter is the prefix that you would like to prepend
As a row is added to a table, rather than enforcing developers to add values to columns that could be populated by SQL Server, such as a column that details using a date and time when a row of data was added, it is possible to place a default value there instead. The default value can be any valid value for that data type. A default value can be overwritten and is not set in stone.
[self setServePosition]; } else // if player didn't score, did the computer score if (ball.center.y > self.view.bounds.size.height) { // set status to hold status = POINT_OVER; compScore++; compScoreView.text = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"%d",compScore]; if (compScore == GAME_WON) { winOrLoseView.text = @"YOU LOSE"; playerScore = 0; compScore = 0; status = GAME_OVER; } [self setServePosition]; } // Did the player's paddle make contact with the ball if(CGRectIntersectsRect(ball.frame, playerPaddle.frame)) {
Product Profitability Report Italic, Arial, 10pt, Bold AdventureWorks Inc. Right = "Print Date: " & Today ="Page: " & Globals!PageNumber & "/" & Globals!TotalPages Right Product Name List Price
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