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CHAPTER 5: Reviewing Logs and Monitoring
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The implementation of SMTPServerChannel itself is quite straightforward. Its constructor checks for the attributes specified in the configuration file and assigns them to local member variables. It also creates a ChannelDataStore object, which is needed for CAOs to communicate back with the server (that is, when creating a CAO using this channel, the server returns the base URL contained in this ChannelDataStore object). It then creates the sink chain and adds the SMTPServerTransportSink on top of the chain. This is different from the client-side channel, where the constructor only creates a chain of sink providers. This is because on the server side there is only a single sink chain per channel, whereas the client creates a distinct sink chain for each remote object. Finally the constructor calls StartListening() to enable the reception of incoming requests. using using using using using System; System.Collections; System.Runtime.Remoting.Channels; System.Runtime.Remoting; System.Runtime.Remoting.Messaging;
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CHAPTER 10: Hardware Design
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The Binding
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3. If you re sending several files, you can put a check in the Send Packed In check box.
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// Cards: represents a collection of cards ref class Cards : IEnumerable { array<Card>^ card_array; literal int K = 13; // King's ordinal position literal int CARDS_IN_DECK = 52; // cards in the deck public: Cards() { // Create a standard deck. card_array = gcnew array<Card>(CARDS_IN_DECK + 1); for (int i = 1; i <= K; i++) { card_array[i].Suit = SuitEnum::Diamonds; card_array[i].Rank = i; card_array[i + K].Suit = SuitEnum::Clubs; card_array[i + K].Rank = i; card_array[i + 2*K].Suit = SuitEnum::Hearts; card_array[i + 2*K].Rank = i; card_array[i + 3*K].Suit = SuitEnum::Spades; card_array[i + 3*K].Rank = i; } } Cards(const Cards% c) { card_array = gcnew array<Card>(c.card_array->Length); for (int i = 0; i < c.card_array->Length; i++) { card_array[i] = c.card_array[i]; } }
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Figure 7-4. A variety of shutdown operations are available, some allowing for a quick
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HERE (title LIKE 'Sales%' AND lastname ='Peacock') WHERE NOT (title LIKE 'Sales%' AND lastname ='Peacock') WHERE (title = 'Peacock' OR title = 'King')
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CHAPTER 1: Directory Services
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