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As a strange sort of parallel to application permissions, a particular set of APIs generate their own warning when accessed. Starting with device software version 4.2.1, if you call one of the following methods and the Device Settings Modification permission is set to Prompt , the user will see a message such as, The application MyFlashlight is attempting to change device settings.
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Figure 14-2. Selecting the report template and report name 8. This step defines the source of data for our report. We will use the ApressFinancial database from our local server. Use the Edit button to open the Connection Properties dialog box and specify XP-PRO for Server Name and ApressFinancial in Select or Enter a Database Name as shown in the following screenshot.
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Open the OrderWF.xaml file (in design mode). You will now define the arguments into and out of the workflow. Click the Argument button at the bottom left of the workflow designer. An empty collection of arguments should be displayed, as shown in Figure 4-6.
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mx.messaging.AbstractConsumer; com.google.maps.controls.ZoomControl; com.google.maps.controls.PositionControl; com.google.maps.controls.MapTypeControl; mx.controls.Alert; mx.rpc.events.FaultEvent; mx.rpc.events.ResultEvent; com.google.maps.overlays.Marker; com.google.maps.overlays.MarkerOptions;
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Expression Editor
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3. Make FilterSort the startup project, and run it by pressing Ctrl+F5. You should see the results in Figure 13-4.
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Try It Out: Creating a New Application Role
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public interface IRemoteSecond { int GetNewAge(); } [Serializable] public class Person { public int Age; public string Firstname, Lastname; public Person(string first, string last, int age) { this.Age = age; this.Firstname = first; this.Lastname = last; } } } Your primary server is a console application and just implements the IRemoteFactory interface and is configured in the application s configuration file. Listing 6-2 shows the implementation of the server. Listing 6-2. The Implementation of the Primary Server using System; using System.Runtime.Remoting; using General; namespace Server { public class ServerImpl : MarshalByRefObject, IRemoteFactory { private int _ageCount = 10; public Person GetPerson() { System.Console.WriteLine(">> Incoming request..."); System.Console.WriteLine(">> Returning person {0}...", _ageCount); Person p = new Person("Test", "App", _ageCount++); return p; } } class ServerApp {
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You can find more information at the OSMF developer forums:
As we learned earlier, if our expression returns false (in this case because the Finder.app directory could not be found), then the test will abort and the printf statement will never fire. In this iteration, we are also omitting our if control statement, as our branching code (printf "Finder found!\n") can easily fit onto a single line. In our previous example, the case statement as you may have deduced, also uses a logical OR operator, implemented by supplying multiple matches in a single test block:
Note that this example hasn t been designed to be entered using F# Interactive.
Creating the Sinks
Data abstractions
Ode on a Grecian Urn
The User Configuration options are far more granular. Here you can configure various components of Windows, control applications (such as some of the above Windows Update settings) and customize user environments (including settings pertaining to the Desktop, My Documents, Start Menu and the Taskbar, such as whether or not the user has an option to open a Run dialog).
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