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The way the system refers to the individual programs (or components of programs) running in memory.
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Table 4-2 describes some important classes in the SqlClient namespace.
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ADO.NET 3.5 EF allows developers to write less data access code, reduces maintenance, and abstracts the structure of the data into a more business-friendly manner. It can also help to reduce the number of compile-time errors since it generates strongly typed classes from the conceptual model. ADO.NET 3.5 EF generates a conceptual model that developers can write code against using a new data provider called EntityClient, as mentioned previously. EntityClient follows a model similar to familiar ADO.NET objects, using EntityConnection and EntityCommand objects to return an EntityDataReader.
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InputStream svgSource = getClass().getResourceAsStream("sample.svg"); SVGImage image = (SVGImage)ScalableImage.createImage(svgSource, null); SVGAnimator animator = SVGAnimator.createAnimator(image, "net.rim.device.api.ui.Field"); Field field = (Field)animator.getTargetComponent(); screen.add(field); animator.play();
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sudo dsconfigldap -a seldon.foundation.com
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You ll notice that the destructor only got called once, and the finalizer got called six times. The destructor was for the object created in MakeObjects with stack semantics when the object went out of scope. The destructor is not called for a handle type that is not explicitly deleted. The finalizer was called when the garbage collection ran (which in this case was forced by calling GC::Collect). If you have a finalizer that does something important, you ll want your destructor to call your finalizer to make sure that the cleanup operations occur promptly rather than waiting until a garbage collection cycle occurs. A destructor call suppresses the finalizer. Now try removing the call to GC::Collect and rerunning the program. The finalizer is still called six times even though the process may have shut down. Finalizers will be run when the process ends. Finalizers are not to be used routinely; in fact, if you can avoid them, you should. A possible use is for the last-ditch cleanup of unmanaged resources in cases where you can t be sure whether the destructor is called. Examples of unmanaged resources are native file handles, device contexts, and so on. However, the .NET Framework provides wrapper classes for most of these unmanaged resources, for example, the HWnd class and the SafeHandle family of classes. When using the wrapper classes, the wrapper classes will take care of their own cleanup. Finalizers are particularly difficult to write correctly, because when they execute, their members may be disposed, in the process of finalization, or already finalized themselves. Also, to be truly robust, they need to correctly handle various rare circumstances, such as being called more than once. When the runtime invokes a finalizer, other threads are locked out automatically, so there is no need to acquire a lock within the finalizer itself. If a finalizer is implemented, you should have a destructor, and you should recommend that users of your class call that destructor, because it is very inefficient to rely on finalization to perform the cleanup operations. The basic pattern is shown in Listing 6-16. Listing 6-16. Pattern for Using a Destructor and Finalizer // destructor_and_finalizer.cpp ref class ManagedResource { public: void Free() { /* free resource */ } }; class NativeResource { public: void Free() { /* free resource */ } };
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In order to then stop the CCache Server, you could use the launchctl command with the stop option, followed by the name of the launchd item you would like to stop. In the case of CCache Server, it would be the following:
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So what advantages are there to allowing data columns to hold NULL values Well, perhaps the largest advantage is that if a field has a NULL value, you know for a fact that nothing has been entered into it. If you couldn t define a column as having NULLs, when a column is defined as numeric and has a value of 0, you could not be sure if it has no value or if it does have a valid value of 0. Using NULL allows you to instantly know that the column has no data and you can then work in that knowledge. Another advantage is the small space that a NULL column takes up. To be precise, it takes up no space whatsoever, again unlike a 0 or a single space, which do take up a certain amount of space. In this age of inexpensive hard drives, this is less of an issue, but if you extrapolate for a database with a million rows and four columns have a space instead of a NULL, that s 4 million bytes (4MB) of space used up unnecessarily. Also, because a NULL takes up no space, then including NULL values means it will be a lot faster to get the data from the database to where it needs to go to either in a .NET program or back to your T-SQL code for further processing. There will be more on NULL values in 8.
is called. Before the actual rendering takes place, the view state is saved back to the page (by default to the default hidden input field). Finally, the page s Render method is called: it produces HTML by recursively invoking the same method on each server control. Before this HTML is passed to the client, the Unload event is triggered, and every object involved in the page creation is disposed.
The command(s) completed successfully.
When you re ready to install Ubuntu, click the Install button. This will start the installation procedure. The new partitions you created will be formatted, and the Ubuntu files will be copied across. If you click the Advanced button (which isn t required), you will be prompted to customize the boot loader and join the popularity contest, as shown in Figure 5-19. For the boot loader settings, you have the option not to write the boot loader to the disk. The option makes sense if you already have an existing boot loader, perhaps from another Linux installation, and you would prefer to use it as the primary boot loader for all the operating systems installed on your computer. Checking the Popularity Contest option allows Ubuntu to poll program/package usage in your system and report this information to a central
int emailCount = contact.countValues(Contact.EMAIL); for (int i = 0; i < emailCount; ++i) { String email = contact.getString(Contact.EMAIL, i); } int addrCount = contact.countValues(Contact.ADDR); for (int i = 0; i < addrCount; ++i) { String[] address = contact.getStringArray(Contact.ADDR, i); int attribute = contact.getAttributes(Contact.ADDR, i); if ((attribute & contact.ATTR_WORK) != 0) { String street = address[Contact.ADDR_STREET]; String city = address[Contact.ADDR_LOCALITY]; String state = address[Contact.ADDR_REGION]; } }
An Example
Figure 18-2. LINQ License Agreement window
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