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Deploying NotepadService to Windows Azure
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Figure 14-8. The GridView at design time
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Figure 17-17. Default paging links
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Using the StateChange Event
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provided a host of commands that can be used to manage and query data from the local directory node and other directory services plug-ins without having to read raw XML-style property list data. Some commands have GUI equivalents while others do not. Here are some of the commands:
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This chapter demonstrates how to integrate a portlet with a Single Sign-On solution using Kerberos as an example. We also discuss many of the other authentication and authorization technologies that are available to a portlet developer.
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Figure 10-4. The Edit a new card screen
There s been no error handling in the code so far, not even any budgeting for it. Not handling errors and exceptions is never good. You can experience the pain inflicted by this shortcoming by simply bringing down your web server and invoking the HTTPService one more time. This time there s no nice data grid, but instead complaints from the Flash Player in the form of an error stack trace. Figure 7-5 shows what it looks like.
ByteArrayOutputStream out = new ByteArrayOutputStream(); recorder.setRecordStream(out); // Record here byte[] rawData = out.toByteArray();
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Using the MAX Data Type
Sample Workflow Project
Figure 10-15. The SendResponse parameter list
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