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Figure 1-10. New smart device application in Visual Studio 2005
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After the colon is the current directory you re browsing. In this example, the ~ symbol appears instead of an actual path or directory name. This is merely Linux shorthand for
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< xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" > <s:Application xmlns:fx="http://ns.adobe.com/mxml/2009" xmlns:s="library://ns.adobe.com/flex/spark" xmlns:mx="library://ns.adobe.com/flex/mx" minWidth="1024" minHeight="768"> <s:TextInput id="textInput1" x="10" y="0" /> <s:TextInput id="textInput2" x="0" y="{textInput1.x+25}" /> </s:Application>
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DiskUtility.log lets you know if somebody burned a disk with Disk utility, but it won t show whether someone ran a reformat or repair operation from the command line. For command-line information, it is often best to look into the command-line history for each user. This information is stored in the history file. The history file is different for each shell in which a user is operating. For example, the history file for the default shell, bash, is .bash_history. It is located in the root of each user s home folder. The history files do not get rotated, but by default will only keep 150 commands. As new commands are entered, old commands will expire. You can view history by using the history command (no arguments are needed), and you can clear the history by using history -c. Although the history file can be difficult to correlate events to, it is one of the most important items to review. When you use the su command, you are substituting your identity for that of root, the system s built-in administrative user. Any commands that are run as the root user would be captured in the root user s history, not your own. This means you need to log in to each account in order to review the account s history. Reviewing the history file can be fairly difficult if you are looking to correlate history events with other logs. Unfortunately, there are no date and time stamps available in the history file to indicate when commands were run. However, you know which commands were run, and in which order, and sometimes you can correlate this with system events from log files. To complicate matters even further, different users like to use different shells (a shell is just a different way to interface with the command line). Most users use bash (which is the default on Mac OS X), but others might use tcsh or ksh. Each shell has a different history file, and some, by default, don t log history at all. If you switch to the bourne shell, your history will be stored in .sh_history. This gives you a lot of places to look for information if you have multiple shells running in Terminal. Luckily, bash is the most commonly used shell. The last command will show a listing of the last users who logged into the computer and how long the login sessions were open. The format of the output of a last command is the username followed by the Terminal type, then the date logged in, and finally the start and stop time of the Terminal session. ttys001 indicates the first Terminal window opened. If a second is opened, it is ttys002, the third is ttys003, and so on. This goes back to mainframe days when each terminal station had a unique identifier. This can give you a good log of recent login activity for a specific machine.
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Next, click on the Trust tab of the Wi-Fi screen (see Figure 10-17). Here, you will see the option to provide a certificate that can be used to satisfy the requirement that a client utilizes an SSL certificate to authenticate into the environment. Here, certificates which were added under Credentials tab are listed, which we ll cover later in this section. However, once added, you would check the box for each to trust and present at authentication to the wireless network. To do so, click on the checkbox for each to be sent as part of the configuration. You will also want specify Trusted Certificate names (as defined in the certificates CN). To do so, use the plus (+) icon below the Trusted Server Certificate Names, and then type the name of each certificate to be trusted.
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Now you have to decide where and when to signal using the LEDs. The game controller layout is such that the green LED is at the top and the red LED at the bottom. This makes the green LED appear further away from the player and thus a good candidate for indicating when the computer s paddle hits the ball. You can see in the following code that I ve added a line to turn on the green LED just when the ball is changing directions after contacting the computer s paddle. The same approach is used for the player s paddle and the red LED. In addition, at the very start of gameLoop, you check to see if either of the LEDs are on and turn them off. This prevents you from sending any commands to the accessory. You only send a command to turn on an LED with a paddle and ball contact and to turn that LED off on the next iteration through the game loop code.
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Windows Forms applications often work with various file formats. For example, an application that creates picture albums or allows for picture manipulation likely supports the Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) file format and the Graphics Interchange Format (GIF). Similarly, it s not rare for an application to produce/consume a proprietary file format. When this is the case, it helps if the deployment technology supports registering the various file types during the initial install of the application. Unfortunately, ClickOnce does not support file type registration out of the box. You can solve this problem in a couple of ways, however. The first, and recommended, approach is to use a custom prerequisite that does the registration for you. The second option is to take advantage of the following well-known facts: After ClickOnce installs an application, it immediately launches it. The ClickOnce APIs provides a way for you to detect whether the application is running for the first time. You can use the IsFirstRun property on the ApplicationDeployment object to determine whether the application is running for the first time: if (System.Deployment.Application. ApplicationDeployment. CurrentDeployment.IsFirstRun) { // do file registration here } If IsFirstRun returns true, then register the file types that your application works with. This approach is not recommended, however, because it creates an additional problem for you when the application needs to be removed from the machine. That is, when the application is uninstalled, how do you unregister the file associations ClickOnce doesn t provide a mechanism for you to plug into the install, so creating file associations in this manner ends up with a dirty uninstall scenario. Therefore, it is recommended that you stick with using a custom prerequisite.
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Try It Out: Testing Entity Integrity
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Figure 8-3. The Global Assembly Cache with two versions of the component
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Searching the Collection
This ability to view the state defined by the web flow is a useful feature when verifying your web flow against the initial design, but it is more than that. Unlike the bean definition graph, this is an editable diagram, and the changes you make will be represented in the underlying configuration file.
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