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Figure 6-18. Creating a master
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This next section is new to 10g, relating to the multicolumn join sanity check feature. If there are two (or more) join conditions between two tables, the optimizer used to treat each condition separately for the purposes of deciding which tables should supply the selectivity. In 10g, the optimizer takes the selectivity from just one side of the join. It has two strategies for doing this. If the join covers the whole of a concatenated index, then Oracle will consider the distinct_keys column from user_indexes view as a possible join selectivity. If there is no suitable index, Oracle considers the product of the selectivities from one table or the other, but does not pick and choose from each side. There is a slight oddity in the reporting of the concatenated index card. In the example, the child table is reported with a cardinality of 10,000 which is the distinct_keys from the parent index, which is where the join is going. But the optimizer is simply telling us that there has to be at most this number of distinct values in our selection from the child table because it is joined to the parent table, and we actually know that there are only 10,000 values in the parent table. Similarly, the parent table is reported with a cardinality of 2,000 which is the distinct_keys from the grandparent table, which is where the join is going. You will find entries for concatenated indexes in 9i trace files, but you won t find the entries for the multicolumn join key. Table: CHILD Concatenated index card: 10000.000000 Table: PARENT Concatenated index card: 2000.000000 Table: CHILD Multi-column join key card: 40000.000000 Table: PARENT Multi-column join key card: 10000.000000 Table: PARENT Multi-column join key card: 10000.000000 Table: GRANDPARENT Multi-column join key card: 2000.000000 *************************************** OPTIMIZER STATISTICS AND COMPUTATIONS ***************************************
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You also added an ORDER BY clause, to sort the result set by first name within last name, to see that the kind of join has no effect on the rest of the query, and to see an alternate way to specify columns: by position number within the select list rather than by name. This technique is convenient (and might be the only way to do it for columns that are produced by expressions; for example, by the SUM function).
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Arcane text editor and pseudo-shell beloved by Unix aficionados that can be used for creation of text files or for creating programs. Traditionally, Unix users either love or hate vi; some prefer Emacs. Nowadays new and improved versions of vi are available, such as vim, used under Ubuntu.
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This web site is a pretty typical one, presenting a portal of information to customers. There are many information panes on this portal, three of which can be seen in the screenshot (Video on MSN Money, Quote watchlist, and The Basics). Some of these information panes provide user interaction for example, the Quote watchlist allows you to enter the stocks that you are interested in monitoring. It uses a simple HTML form where you enter the ticker of the stock you are interested in and click Add. The typical web site will refresh the entire page once you click the Add button, causing a lag for the user, and the expense of traffic for the web site administrator. If you were to use a technique that allows for a partial refresh, then only the information pane that you want to change (i.e., the Quote watchlist) would be changed. It was with use cases like this in mind that browser developers started adding new features long before the term Ajax was coined. The first attempt at allowing something like this was the IFrame, introduced in Internet Explorer 3 in 1996. This allowed you to use something similar to a frameset, but to have a frame showing a different set of content to be embedded within a page. Thus, in an application such as MoneyCentral, you would have one master page, and one complete subpage for each of the information panes. These pages would then be rendered on the master page using an IFrame. This technology still works and is useful today, but it makes for more complex management of a portal such as MoneyCentral, as many independent pages need to be maintained. The IFrame, and other new elements such as <div> and <span>, when grouped together with JavaScript, evolved into the generic term DHTML (Dynamic HTML), with the intent being that developers could produce pages that rewrite their own HTML in response to
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TIP: To list or to scan ARD has both static lists and dynamic scanners. If you find yourself coming and going from a network a lot, you will be much happier with a scan. If you are managing static IP addresses only, or have only a single subnet for all machines then lists are probably better suited. Lists are also better suited if you need to repeatedly target specific machines.
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these names are set in machine.config.
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(nonatomic,retain) (nonatomic,retain) (nonatomic,retain) (nonatomic,retain)
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The results are not in order a very clear, and simple, demonstration that you should never trust a group by to do the implicit order by that you want. This little feature is controlled by the hidden parameter _gby_onekey_enabled; set this to false and Oracle falls back to its old behavior, which happens to produce the data in the correct order.
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CHAPTER 12: Everything Else
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