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Overview of the Silverlight Toolkit
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s Note We typically use the C# syntax for calling WriteLine(), since it s more succinct for formatting
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Figure 6-21. Removing the web reference
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Name = "ListBoxTrackingProfile", Queries = { // For instance data, only track the started and completed events new WorkflowInstanceQuery() { States = { WorkflowInstanceStates.Started, WorkflowInstanceStates.Completed }, }, // For bookmark data, only track the GetAssignment event new BookmarkResumptionQuery() { Name = "GetAssignment" }, // For activity data, track all states of the InvokeMethod new ActivityStateQuery() { ActivityName = "InvokeMethod", States = { "*" }, }, // For User data, track all events new CustomTrackingQuery() { Name = "*", ActivityName = "*" } } } }; } The CreateTrackingParticipant() method creates a ListBoxTrackingParticipant class passing the lstEvent control to the constructor. The rest of the code builds a TrackingProfile class.
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from because all that matters is the user running the application. With the addition of CAS, we have the best of both worlds; code can t do something if the user running the code can t, and vice versa. With that said, the CAS nomenclature is critical to understanding the fundamentals of CAS. In fact, if you have a clear understanding of the terms used with CAS, you ll have a foundational understanding of CAS. Table 7-1 defines the CAS nomenclature. Table 7-1. CAS Nomenclature
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The previous two sections discussed how your app could directly receive incoming SMS and MMS messages. These capabilities allow an app to use wireless messaging as a pure data channel, meaning the user will never see the actual messages. However, email doesn t have this sort of exclusive relationship. Your app cannot intercept incoming email if it could, just imagine the potential for abusive programs to wreak havoc with business email accounts. What you can do is listen for messages. After a message has been delivered to the handset, the BlackBerry device will check to see if anyone has registered to be notified of changes in a particular folder. You can join this notification list by implementing the FolderListener interface. The following code shows the skeleton of a listener class.
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Note: Unfortunately, rapc does not support wildcards. If you wish to supply multiple files, you must list each one. rapc isn t very well documented. The most important parameters are shown below. import={paths}: Specifies the location of net_rim_api.jar and any other required libraries. codename={name}: Provides the application name. -midlet: Indicates that this application is a MIDlet.
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logger -s -t "$scriptTag" "Attempting to apply: ACL to dir:$directory for group: $group with perms:$permissions" ## sanity check our directory if [ ! -d "$directory" ]; then logger -s -t "$scriptTag" " - ERROR: Could not apply ACL.. dir: $directory does not exist!"
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Figure 11-31. Login.aspx in design mode The CreateUserWizard control refers to the membership provider specified in the web.config file and stores the user data in the specified database. Similarly, the Login control uses the membership provider specified in the web.config file for validating the user during the login process. Run Login.aspx and create two users Nancy and Andrew by using the CreateUserWizard control (Figure 11-32).
Ubuntu desktop.
All this does is select some rows from my large table, and join to a reference table to translate a code into a description to eliminate data based on that description. This is typical of the way in which an end-user query would have to make use of the type table. (The SQL in the test case in the download does not use the literal values 'CURRENCY' and 'GBP', but I thought that a couple of meaningful code samples would help make the point of the example more clearly.) So what does the execution plan look like It depends on what you ve done with your reference tables. Here s one option for the reference table the currency data (or 'CLASS1' as it really was) is stored in a table all by itself: create table type1 as select rownum-1 'CLASS1' lpad(rownum-1,10,'0') from all_objects where rownum <= 20 ;
To access the forum configuration page, select administer forums (admin/forum). This page has three tabs: Add Container, Add Forum, and Configure. Containers are groups of forums and, though they aren t necessary, they lend a nice bit of organization or overview to your forums, especially if you have more than a couple forums. Containers are a means of organizing your forums by topic. Topics cannot be posted to containers; containers are merely for organizing forums.
decomposition breaks the problem down by what it does and OOA breaks down the problem into its constituent parts and how they interact. Before I go on and talk about more design patterns, let s see where we are. I defined the Pong game problem earlier and broke it up into objects. I talked a little bit about their properties and how they use methods to communicate and interact, so you have the basic object model. To add delegation, let s think about where it would come into play. You ve already seen that you re going to implement the UIApplicationDelegate protocol and at least the applicationDidFinishLaunching: method to get things rolling. You re also going to use the EAAccessory delegate protocol in order to be informed about when an accessory is connected or disconnected. If you incorporate the OOP model and delegation for UIApplication and EAAccessory, Figure 3 3 provides a basic, diagrammatical representation of where you are so far.
The client application should have access to the same interface definitions as the server, and to the same parameter implementations. In the example application, you will see that I have achieved this by giving the client Maven project a dependency on the core project containing these implementations. Although this actually gives us access to the service implementation also, we do not use these local copies of the service, as you will see if you reconfigure the client and the server to execute on physically different networked machines!
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