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As you can see, there is a GUI called FlexUnitTestRunnerUI which is similar in functionality to the FlexUnit TestRunner class in FlexUnit 0.9. Essentially, the application adds the entire test and runs the test in the UI. In FlexUnitApplication.mxml, you can see that FlexUnit uses the FlexUnit 4 runner:
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private static final String FROM = "from@example.com"; private static final String TO = "to@example.com"; private static final String SUBJECT = "subject"; private final MockJavaMailSender mailSender = new MockJavaMailSender(); private Timesheet timesheet; @Override protected void setUp() throws Exception { final UserAccount account = new UserAccount("username"); final Calendar startDate = Calendar.getInstance(); timesheet = new Timesheet(account,startDate); } @Override protected void tearDown() throws Exception { mailSender.clear(); }
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In this section, we will call the Report Wizard the perfect tool for a beginner or for an urgent situation. The end result will be a simple report containing the list of contacts from the CustomerDetails.Customers table.
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Comment spam refers to comments that are made on your blog by comment spammers for the purpose of promoting their commercial sites. They usually have one of two purposes in mind, sometimes both: They want to get links to their sites in as many places as possible in the hope that a lot of people will click the link. They want to gain higher placing in search-engine rankings by being linked to from as many places as possible. The commercial sites the spammers link to are usually online casinos, drug-selling sites, or porn sites. Quite often, the comments link to sites that don t appear to be commercial sites, but rather seem to be offering useful information about their subject. Don t be fooled. The idea is that you and search engines won t penalize these sites because they appear to be innocent. Often, the comments with links to these sites seem innocuous, something like, This is my first visit to your site. I thought it was great. The spammers hope that the links to these sites will remain in place and gain various advantages, particularly with search engines. At some point in the future, they will switch on the commercial pages, either as links within the text to the commercial sites or by replacing the page with a commercial one. WordPress includes several measures to combat and thwart the spammers. These are available through the comment settings on the Discussion Options page (see Figure 14-11).
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So, after initiating this command, we have verified through our last command that preshared key authentication is fully operational. If that command failed for you, consult log files /var/log/system.log and /var/log/secure.log for hints as to why (it typically has to do with overly lax POSIX permissions on a user s home directory or .ssh directory). So now that we have this setup, we can then perform remote rsyncs to our heart s content without requiring authentication, as long as we run the command from the user account who created the keys in the previous step (notice the remote user must also be the same as used previously):
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Mail merging refers to automatically applying a database of details, such as names and addresses, to a document, so that many personalized copies are produced. It s ordinarily used to create form letters for mailings. OpenOffice.org makes the procedure very easy, but it requires source data that will be merged into the document. As with Microsoft Word, you can either enter this data within Writer itself or choose to import data from a separate document. Unless you have enough knowledge of databases to connect one to OpenOffice.org (the program works with dBase and MySQL files, among others), you may want to input existing data in the form of a comma-separated value (CSV) text file. This is the simplest form of data file that is understood by the majority of office programs and databases. Here, we re going to look at entering the data within Writer, which is the best policy for smaller mail merge operations. You can then output the data as a CSV file, so you can use it again later. Here are the steps for using mail merge (click the Next button after each step):
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Caution Now is an excellent time to back up the files from your existing installation to a safe place
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public sealed class LicenseInformation { // Fields private bool m_fIsTrial = true; // For testing purpose only! public bool IsTrial() { return m_fIsTrial; } // Nested Types internal static class NativeMethods { // Fields internal const int S_FALSE = 1; internal const int S_OK = 0; } }
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LINQ is a set of language and .NET Framework extensions that allows you to query in-memory collections, databases, and XML documents in a unified fashion. This implies that, irrespective of the underlying data source, your code will query the data in the same way. LINQ comes in three flavors: LINQ to objects LINQ to ADO.NET LINQ to XML LINQ to objects provides a set of standard query operators for querying in-memory objects. The in-memory objects must implement the IEnumerable<T> interface. The most common objects for querying are generic List and Dictionary objects. LINQ to ADO.NET provides a set of features for working with data from relational databases. LINQ to ADO.NET comes in two flavors: LINQ to DataSet, which allows you to query ADO.NET DataSet objects, and LINQ to SQL, which allows you to query relational databases such as SQL Server. LINQ to XML is a new approach to programming with XML data. It provides the in-memory document modification capabilities of the DOM in addition to supporting LINQ query operators. LINQ to XML operations are more lightweight than traditional DOM operations. Classes such as XDocument, XElement, XNode, XAttribute, and XText provide functionality equivalent to XmlDocument and its family of classes, as you ll see later in this book.
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These rules are in place to protect the employee and <Company Name>. Inappropriate use exposes <Company Name> to risks including virus attacks, compromise of network systems and services, and legal issues.
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