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Google is one of the greatest hacking tools ever created, so it is important to understand what an attacker might use Google to do. Google offers attackers the ability to mine information about a web site without leaving any traces. When you run a search on
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Again, this is not quite the right answer, as a human interpretation of the requirements would have spotted that you were selecting 7 dates out of a list of 1,827, with a selectivity of exactly 7/1,827. The error in both these examples is just demonstrating the problem raised in 3. Oracle is using arithmetic for continuous data, but in many cases people use discrete data (i.e., lists of specific values). When the number of distinct values in our lists grows large, of course, the error in the calculation is usually small but for lists with only a few distinct values, you need to be careful.
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The second line specifies the R flag, which will actually apply the mode 777 to all items inside of the /Users/Shared/ directory. Thus, all files in the directory will be editable by anyone, but because of the first command that was run, only the owner can delete a file. The fourth octal has two modes in addition to sticky: set-group-ID-on-execution, which has a value of 010, and set-user-ID-on-execution bit, which has a value of 100. In OS X, these two operate solely on executable files that contain binary executable data (no #! scripts). If either of these modes is set on an executable, whenever that file runs, it will do so in the context of the owner and group assigned to it. Thus, if a program is owned by root and has setuid on, whoever runs that program will have root access (within the confines of that program). This is a bit of a scary thought, so use this capability with great care. Many a local privileged-escalation exploit has been born from the setuid bit. You should understand one final aspect of POSIX permissioning in OS X: How the system deals with group assignment on newly created files and directories. Historically in OS X, when a user creates a file, that file will assume group ownership based on the creating user s primary group id. But with OS X 10.5, Apple introduced compliance with SUS3 (Single Unix Standard, version 3), which dictates that the group established to the new file will be inherited based on group ownership of the parent directory. This is a much better system, and produces a lot less frustration. With this change, you can now use group permissions on directories to establish groupspecific collaboration areas. There s just one small wrinkle in this plan. By default, OS X ships with a umask value of 022. When you create a file, the default mode is full privileges, 777, filtered by the 022 umask. To determine ultimate privileges, you simply subtract the number representing the umask from that of the privileges. So in this case, newly created filesystem objects will have a mode of 755 (777 minus 022), or rwxr-xr-x.
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DDL Triggers
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s Note When you use a dataset as a data source for binding, the control is actually bound to a data view,
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On the server, the processing occurs the other way around. The transport channel is the first sink that receives the message from the client. It then forwards the message to some preprocessing sinks (decryption, digital signature verification) as well as formatter sinks and other (custom) sinks before cracking the message into its parts and converting it to a method call on the server s object. For both client- and server-side processing, as well as sending and receiving parts, you will find the necessary interfaces for customizing this sink chain in the namespace.
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Figure 9-2. Seahorse is an easy-to-use management tool for passwords and encryption keys.
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The RSS Portlet discussed here is not yet a polished piece of work suitable for all situations, but it illustrates the techniques required to display an RSS feed in a portlet. Since it is open source software, it provides an excellent basis for developing a custom RSS portlet for your own purposes.
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<DocumentElement> <Address> <AddressLine1>1226 Shoe St.</AddressLine1> <PostalCode>98011</PostalCode> <City>Bothell</City> <AddressID>5</AddressID> </Address> <Address> <AddressLine1>1318 Lasalle Street</AddressLine1> <PostalCode>98011</PostalCode> <City>Bothell</City> <AddressID>11</AddressID> </Address> <Address> <AddressLine1>1399 Firestone Drive</AddressLine1> <PostalCode>98011</PostalCode> <City>Bothell</City> <AddressID>6</AddressID> </Address> <Address> <AddressLine1>1873 Lion Circle</AddressLine1> <PostalCode>98011</PostalCode> <City>Bothell</City> <AddressID>18</AddressID> </Address> <Address> <AddressLine1>1902 Santa Cruz</AddressLine1> <PostalCode>98011</PostalCode> <City>Bothell</City> <AddressID>40</AddressID> </Address> </DocumentElement>
Table 3-5. The BETWEEN and IN Operators Operator
The first step in setting up Xsan is to install the package file that comes with the software, keeping the default settings. Next, run the update to ensure that the Xsan software and admin tools are the latest versions.
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