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ven if you have experience using an XML task-based build tool, such as Ant or NAnt, MSBuild is significantly different. In fact, MSBuild is different not only in execution but also in syntax. Therefore, to really get a feel for MSBuild, you must get your hands dirty using the tool. As you begin to explore what MSBuild has to offer to your projects, you will naturally seek more knowledge of MSBuild. This chapter will help you get your hands dirty by showing you several examples of how you can use MSBuild. Also, this chapter will present some important techniques for using MSBuild effectively. We will provide a variety of tips, covering topics such as integrating MSBuild into Visual Studio and formatting your output. These samples are set up to be mostly independent. This is because each sample expresses a set of specific ideas, so you will be able to examine and try each concept on its own. After this chapter, you should have a much greater feel for building your applications with MSBuild. Following this chapter, we will continue the coverage of MSBuild by showing how to use some of its more advanced features.
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Figure 19-11. Select the exception to throw The diagram of the custom activity should look like the one shown in Figure 19-12.
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After running these commands, you should be able to verify LOM management via ARD or Server Monitor by using the newly created user.
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Flash is a multimedia plug-in used for animations, games, and even video playback on web sites. It is a standard requirement on modern Internet-equipped computers, and it s becoming hard to find commercial sites that don t utilize it in some way. For example, YouTube ( uses Flash for the playback of video files, as shown in Figure 19-2. Adobe is the originator of the Flash technology and makes a version of its proprietary Flash Player web browser plug-in especially for Linux, which can be easily installed under Ubuntu. You can also select to install one of two open-source Flash players: Swfdec or Gnash. Of the three, Adobe s own Flash Player offers best all-round compatibility with web sites of all kinds general, video, games, and animations. Swfdec is perhaps the best open-source choice, although it specializes primarily in video playback, such as that offered by YouTube or the BBC ( Gnash may be the weakest of the three (at the time this book was written), but might be worth investigating if you prefer to use opensource software and find that Swfdec doesn t work correctly with your favorite web sites.
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Save and Apply the Tracking Profile
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Figure 2-2. Output from msbuild.exe on the default target You specify the default target in the root Project element of the project file. In this case, you have <Project DefaultTargets="Build" xmlns=" msbuild/2003">. If you invoke MSBuild on this project file without specifying the target, then the Build project will be executed. This target is a predefined target and is not included in your project file. Actually, no targets are defined in this file. This file has an import statement that imports Microsoft.CSharp.targets, and that file imports Microsoft.Common.targets. These two files define many targets, and these are the predefined targets. We will discuss this in more detail in the Predefined Targets section. Now let s inject the two targets discussed earlier into this project file. You can place them anywhere in the file as long as they are defined as child elements of the Project tag. As a reminder, the two targets are as follows: <Target Name="SampleTarget" Inputs="SampleInput" Outputs="SampleOutput" DependsOnTargets="DependentTarget" > <Message Text="SampleTarget executed, SampleInput: @(SampleInput) " /> </Target> <Target Name="DependentTarget"> <Message Text="DependentTarget executed" /> </Target>
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find /var/spool/imap/dovecot/mail/C3C4E3BB-1FE8-4A6E-B445-5474CC4E3223 name "dovecot.index*" exec rm {} \;
This completes the steps for creating a custom functoid. You can now add the functoid to a BizTalk map and test it. When a map is ready for deployment, the functoid will need to be copied to the Mapper Extensions folder (see step 6) and the GAC on the production server. Figure 3 39 shows the new functoid with custom bitmap in the toolbox in Visual Studio.
The next special case is inequalities: t1.join1 != t2.join1. The same rule that we learned for single-table selectivity applies here the selectivity (not(t1.join1 = t2.join1)) is simply 1 selectivity (t1.join1 = t2.join1). For example, if we have the following query (based on join_card_04.sql again): select t1.v1, t2.v1 from t1, t2 where and ; t2.join1 != t1.join1 t2.join2 != t1.join2 -- (30 / 40 values for num_distinct) -- (50 / 40 values for num_distinct)
home in this way. Nevertheless, a cautious attitude often pays dividends.
At the start of this chapter, I made the comment that the mechanics of sorting don t change if you use a manual workarea_size_policy and sort_area_size rather than the newer automatic workarea_size_policy and pga_aggregate_target. The time has come to demonstrate this fact.
Debugging Page Load Exceptions
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