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Speeding Up Booting
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Double-click the Quit button and add the following code to the btnQuit_Click function: private void btnQuit_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { btnQuit.Visibility = System.Windows.Visibility.Collapsed; btnRetry.Visibility = System.Windows.Visibility.Collapsed; lblStatus.Text = ""; }
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s Data contexts can be strongly typed, and that s the recommended way to use them, but we intentionTip
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Figure 8-4. The dialog box that appears if you choose to go with the combined Java/Flex project using WTP option As I said before, it s possible you may be trying to wire up a Flex interface to your existing Java web application or have different teams work on the two pieces fairly independent of each other. In such cases, you do not choose the combined project option. If you reject the combined project option, your next screen will vary from the one in Figure 8-4. This time you are presented with a dialog to specify the following:
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Software integration and reuse is becoming one of the most relevant activities of software development nowadays. This chapter discusses how F# programs can interoperate with the outside world, accessing code available in the form of DLLs and COM components.
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message to the MessageBox, the original message is placed in the suspended queue.
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Figure 5-4. Select Install Ubuntu and press Enter.
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Finally, by writing the test in advance, you will not be tempted to assume that an implementation is obviously correct. Obviously correct implementations usually turn out to contain a surprisingly large number of bugs.
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There are two common scenarios in transforming XML: You may want to transform an XML tree into an HTML tree. Similarly, you may want to transform an XML tree into another XML tree with an altogether different shape. You may want to project source XML code into an altogether different type. In any case, LINQ to XML, along with its functional construction feature, provides an easy way to accomplish your task.
At the Name and Location screen, as seen in Figure 9-20, provide a name for the virtual machine. Also select whether you will enable file sharing (which will share your Mac home folder to your Windows installation) and user profile sharing (which will share your Desktop and other items between Mac OS X and Windows). Additionally, under the More Options portion of the screen, choose whether to create a desktop icon for the virtual machine, whether to allow other users of the host to access the virtual machine, and finally a custom location for the virtual machine. If you do not choose a custom location, the virtual machine will default to the ~ /Documents/Parallels/ directory. If you are using FileVault then you may want to move the location outside of your encrypted home folder. Likewise, this VM may be utilized by multiple users, so you may want to specify the option to save your virtual machines in the /Users/Shared public directory.
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Understanding ClickOnce Security
Dependency Management
return true; } int main() { array<int>^ ai1 = gcnew array<int> { 1, 2 }; array<int>^ ai2 = gcnew array<int> { 1, 2 }; // Are these arrays equal if ( ai1 == ai2 ) { Console::WriteLine("The arrays are equal using the == operator."); } if (ai1->Equals(ai2) ) { Console::WriteLine("The arrays are equal using the Equals method."); } if (ReallyEquals(ai1, ai2)) { Console::WriteLine( "The arrays are equal using element-by-element comparison."); } } Here is the output of Listing 5-32:
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The TinyMCE module (http://drupal.org/project/tinymce) allows WYSIWYG HTML editing and Tip
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